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OneBox system is a flexible workflow designer, which combines capabilities of CRM, ERP, and BPM-systems – work with contacts, resources, and processes. OneBox system automates routine processes, creates documents, generates invoices, processes orders, helps to effectively plan tasks, manage projects and employees. This helps to speed up company’s work to be able to do more and at the same time to spend less time, money and efforts. 

What does the integration of OneBox system with SendPulse service enable?

If you integrate your OneBox system with your SendPulse account, you will get:

  • the ability to send PUSH-notifications to your employees, clients, and partners from your OneBox system directly;
  • statuses and message statistics, displayed in your SendPulse account;
  • the history of sent notifications, stored in SendPulse account;
  • notifications, which the user gets in OneBox, are duplicated as PUSH-notifications.

What is required for start?

  1. Connect SendPulse module; you need to set a task for technical support of OneBox for this.
  2. Go to Settings -> Integrations : SendPulse. Fill in the fields with details from SendPulse personal account.
  3. Allow access to user’s contact card and enable “Send SendPulse notifications” checkmark.
  4. Ask the user to allow receiving notifications in browser settings or send him a link to follow where he can confirm his approval to receive notifications.

Integration by API and additional features

The OneBox programmers can complete integration by API according to your needs. There is a possibility to setup sending of all emails and mailings through the SendPulse service. You can send out your messages as SMS, emails or via Viber by leveraging all the benefits of SendPulse.

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