SendPulse plugin for WordPress — web push

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The SendPulse Web Push plugin integration for a WordPress website allows you to send web push notifications to your users.

What are web push notifications?

Web push notifications are messages from your website your visitors receive in their browsers. They notify users about sales, important updates or new content on the website. The example is below.

How do pushes work?

When a user visits your site for the first time, they will see a subscription request. If they accept the invitation, they will receive your push campaigns in different browsers: Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

The major benefit is that you can send an unlimited amount of push notifications to your subscribers. What's more, you can do it completely free!

The plugin allows you to send emails to users who have registered on your WordPress website and agreed to receive web push notifications from you. This is what allows you to send both web push notifications and emails.

How to connect SendPulse Web Push plugin for WordPress?

To get started, create your SendPulse account and add your site. Enter the integration code into the plugin settings. For a quick and easy integration process, refer to the step-by-step guide How to install the SendPulse plugin for WordPress

Read more about SendPulse Web Push plugin in the WordPress plugin directory.

If you have any troubles with the integration setup, you can fill in the form. 24/7 support.

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