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12000 emails


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100000 emails

Dedicated IP address 1

$59.88/month $74.85 /month

Total $718.56

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500000 emails

Dedicated IP address 1

$219.88/month $274.85 /month

Total $2,638.56

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Traffic volume on monthly subscription

On monthly subscriptions, if your emails exceed the standard size of 100 Kb, the corresponding amount of traffic will be charged. For example, when sending a 300 Kb, the service will count it as 1 email and 300 Kb of traffic. If you go over the traffic limit before your monthly subscription ends, you can get additional traffic for sending emails.

Pay AS you GO

Emails Price
10,000 $15
20,000 $28
50,000 $49
100,000 $89
200,000 $175
300,000 $259
500,000 $419
1,000,000 $780
Pay As You Go 10,000


Valid for 12 months after purchase

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The number of emails in Pay As You Go plans is based on email size up to 100 Kb. Emails of bigger size will be counted as multiple emails.

Dedicated IP address

You can order up to 4 dedicated IP addresses.