Integration with Crowdin

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Crowdin is localization software that helps you streamline translation & localization management. With Crowdin, you can set up continuous localization and automate everything from sending content to translators to receiving translations right where you need them.

Integration Options

Crowdin integration with SendPulse lets you localize and translate email campaigns or templates, so you can run multilingual campaigns faster and without copy-pasting.

With the help of Crowdin and SendPulse integration you can:

  • sync your emails;
  • translate them on your own or hire a translation agency or freelancers;
  • sync translations back to SendPulse;
  • use multilingual emails in your campaigns.

Create the best possible experience for your clients, no matter what language they speak.

How to Set Up Integration

  1. Create a project on Crowdin. Enter a project name. Choose if your project is visible to anyone (public project), or only to the invited project members (private project). Choose the source and target languages.
  2. Click "Resources" in the top menu bar and select "Marketplace." Search for "SendPulse" in the search bar. Then, click Install.
  3. Select the users that will be able to use the app, and the projects they have access to. Click Install. Once the app is installed, you'll be able to open SendPulse in your project.
  4. Click "Projects" in the top menu bar and select your project. In the "Applications" tab, click "Sendpulse" and log in to your SendPulse account.
  5. Go to the "Content" tab and add files to translate.
  6. Once the translation is complete, in the "Applications" tab click SYNC TO. Integration automatically creates a draft campaign in SendPulse, which you can find in "My campaigns" tab. Then you can start running multilingual email campaigns.

If you have any additional questions about configuring the integration, you can contact support, or schedule a personalized live demo.

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