Integration with Creatio


Creatio is a teamwork automation platform that you can customize to your needs without coding skills.

The SendPulse and Creatio integration allows you to send bulk web push notifications, run ad campaigns, and send campaigns using bulk email services. You don't need to exit Creatio to send an email campaign with SendPulse and see its results.

Integration options

  • Create mailing lists for several customer segments;
  • Send emails and email marketing campaigns;
  • Send SMS messages;
  • Send Viber messages;
  • Implement emails, SMS messages, and Viber campaigns in a single flow using Creatio and SendPulse’s Automation 360.

How to set up the integration

Install the connector

  1. In your Creatio account, click the gear icon in the upper right corner, and go to “Application management” > “Application Hub.”
  2. Click New Application, go to the “Marketplace Powered” section, and click Select.
  3. Use the search bar to find the SendPulse Connector, and click it to install. You will need to register on the Creatio marketplace and specify your account domain.

Copy your SendPulse ID and Secret

Go to your SendPulse account > “Account Settings” > “API.” Copy your ID and Secret.

Set up the connector

  1. In your Creatio account, go to “System setup“ > “System setting.“
  2. Find the “SendPulse ID” system setting. In the "SendPulse ID" field, enter the SendPulse ID value you have copied before.
  3. Find the "SendPulse Secret" system setting. In the "Default value" field, enter the SendPulse Secret value you have copied before.
  4. Find the “SendPulse contacts chunk size” system setting in your list, and specify the required number of contacts to be processed in the “Default value” field. By default, it is 100.

Once you configure these settings, two new sections will automatically become available in the system: “SendPulse mailing lists," where all your SendPulse contacts will be added automatically, and “SendPulse campaigns," where you can create and launch campaigns.

If you create a new mailing list in Creatio, it will be synced with SendPulse.

Also, several lookups will appear in the system — you can view them in “Settings” > “Lookups.”

The “SendPulse campaign types” and “SendPulse Viber message types” lookup values are standard and are added when you install the connector. Values of the “SendPulse Viber templates," “SendPulse email templates," “SendPulse SMS senders," “SendPulse Viber senders," and “SendPulse email senders” lookups are retrieved from your SendPulse account automatically.

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