Key Moments to Point You to the Exact Part of a Video

Google Search allows you to discover any type of text, audio, and visual content. But what if you have found a relevant video but don’t know where exactly the necessary piece of information is in that video? Google has recently rolled out a solution for you.

Starting from September 17, Google Search is able to show you the exact part of a video that contains the information you’ve been searching for. This new feature is called key moments.

Here’s a screenshot of this innovation in action: 

Looking at the screenshot with links to key moments
Links to key moments within a video. Taken from

To make the feature work, content creators have to provide timestamp information in a video description. Thanks to this, the links to specific points, or key moments, in YouTube videos will appear in search results. So, the more timestamps you include in a video, the more links to key moments within it Google search results will feature.

The feature currently works only for YouTube videos in English language searches, but soon it will be available for video publishers around the world, including CBS Sports and NDTV.

Besides making it faster and easier to find the necessary information in videos, the new key moments feature will also make video content more accessible for people who use screen readers. 

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