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SendPulse Mitigated a DDoS Attack: User Data Were Not Affected

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SendPulse Mitigated a DDoS Attack: User Data Were Not Affected

Last week, SendPulse servers got under a large-scale DDoS attack. It was targeted at our email service and lasted for four days. The attack didn’t affect our customer data.

The attackers tried to overload our infrastructure and get down our key system by flooding it with massive traffic — over 300 gigabits per second. For comparison, this volume is enough to simultaneously transmit 3 thousand hours of music or 120 full-length HD movies in 1 second.

We have a proactive plan of action to fight DDoS attacks, but the data center we were working with at that time couldn’t handle it. The attack resulted in SendPulse users being temporarily unable to run email campaigns.

At the moment, we have restored our server availability, and the platform is operating normally. We no longer collaborate with the previous data center and have migrated our data to Amazon Web Services since it has high capacities to withstand DDoS attacks.

We are taking all the necessary measures to prevent or fight against attacks now and in the future, and we assure our customers that their data are safe.

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December 28, 2023

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