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13Chats Will Become a Part of SendPulse: When, Why, and What Will Change

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13Chats Will Become a Part of SendPulse: When, Why, and What Will Change

SendPulse is constantly developing and improving its existing services and releasing new ones. In 2022, we released an online course builder and are turning our landing page builder into a full-fledged multi-page website builder.

13Chats will become part of the SendPulse ecosystem in 2023. This will significantly expand the platform's capabilities and contribute to our long-term development strategy. We have already integrated our pop-up builder into the SendPulse interface. Next year, we will add another important tool — live chat builder.

Constantin Makarov, Founder and CEO of SendPulse

13Chats has been developing within the SendPulse group of companies since 2020. As of 2023, it will become a full-fledged part of the parent company. Read on to learn how the SendPulse users will benefit from the merger.

Why 13Chats?

13Chats is an online service for marketing, sales, and support teams, aimed at increasing sales and automating customer communication using live chats, pop-ups, and Facebook Messenger chatbots.

This is a solution for small and medium-sized businesses that want to enable their clients to keep in touch with them at any time of day and night using websites or social media.

SendPulse users will have access to all these services on a single platform, ensuring seamless customer communication, increased lead generation, and sales growth.

What will change for our users

We’ve already started merging 13Chats with SendPulse and released our first product: smart pop-up builder.

Pop-ups can help you generate more leads and test your strategies for attracting customers to your website. You can create your pop-up design from scratch or use one of our 60 ready-made templates.

SendPulse-based pop-ups appear according to certain scenarios to encourage your website visitors to give their contact info at the right time. You can implement and combine 22 display scenarios: URL, date and time, page scrolling, source, traffic type, etc.

Your pricing plan and all its benefits remain unchanged, but you can now test our new pop-up builder and try other platform services in the future.

13Chats and SendPulse will complement each other perfectly due to their similar values and corporate culture. Our unique expertise in sales and marketing automation will help us upgrade our existing tools and create new quality products. I'm sure you'll appreciate the power of bringing the two companies together and share the joy of the 13Chats team over such a strong strategic partnership.

Alina Dykuha, ex-CEO of 13Chats, Head of Digital Marketing at SendPulse

You will be the first to know when the 13Chats and SendPulse merger is complete.

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12 Dec. 2022

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