An augmented product is an additional benefit or special service supporting the main product. Sellers use this method to provide their clients with additional value for free. Offering a warranty is an example of product augmentation.

In this article, we’ll unveil the advantages of having an augmented product and provide some examples.

Benefits of Product Augmentation

Each product is sold as a complex of three components: a core product, actual product, and augmented product. A core product implies specific experiences or benefits a client will get when using it. For example, a cyclocross bike allows its owner to ride through muddy fields, grass, and even sand. An actual product means selling this particular bike of a certain brand that delivers its features perfectly. An augmented product means providing additional features or services for free.

Brands use product augmentation to provide their customers with additional value. It means that clients get the main product along with some perks at the same price. This helps companies gain a competitive advantage and increase their market share.

Actually, this is a win-win for both parties. Customers get some extra benefits or upgraded services for the price of a single product. As a result, companies manage to provide a great customer experience that helps them increase the number of loyal clients. It’s essential that the price of an augmented product doesn’t exceed its unit costs.

Almost all expensive products come up with augments products. Let’s take a closer look at the examples.

Examples of Augmented Products

You’ve definitely experienced this marketing technique when buying a washing machine, a phone, or booking a hotel room. We’ll share some examples and ideas for product augmentation.

  1. Product warranty. This is the most popular way to augment a product. This way, a company makes a promise to fix a certain item if it breaks down in a specified time period. You’ve got it when buying household appliances, for example, a fridge.
  2. Installation. The companies have some technicians in their staff who can install or configure a product for free, for example, a washing machine or a TV set.
  3. Free delivery. It belongs to widely used ways for augmenting products as well. Brands from different industries make use of this method. It’s especially popular in the furniture industry, where clients make expensive purchases and are offered free delivery. Restaurants and e-stores provide free delivery for clients’ orders starting at N-price or on special days.
  4. Refund. Some businesses provide a refund option during a specified time period if a product doesn’t meet their clients’ needs.
  5. Updates. They are common among online services and software products. Users are offered free and timely updates to their products since the chances that they will buy them then are low.
  6. Product trials. This tactic is used by online services to engage more clients. Users are offered to test a particular service for free during a specified time period. This way marketers expect that leads will want to continue using a product and, as a result, buy it.
  7. Free samples. They are popular both online and offline. Cosmetics stores usually give their clients free samples if they spend a certain amount of money on their purchase.

Other examples of product augmentation include offering earphones together with a mobile device, a carry bag — with a laptop, free communication with an expert when buying an educational course, donating a certain amount of money to a charity, discount for the next sale, amuse-bouche at a restaurant, shuttle and dry cleaning services in the hospitality industry.

Now that you know the benefits of product augmentation, think about additional value you can bring to your customers.


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