Why track statistics on chatbot messages

Statistics can help you understand what aspects interest your audience most of all. Knowing what messages people open and what links they click, you can develop effective message flows that will convert prospects to customers.

Bot stats in SendPulse

Chatbot overall statistics

Track the subscribers activity ― the total number of subscribers, sent messages, and sessions ― for the current month and the whole period of their using the chatbot.

Bot stats in SendPulse panel

Statistics on the chatbot auto reply flows

You can track the performance of each auto reply flow — сheck the number of delivered and opened messages as well as the number of links people followed in them.

Bot stats of a single reply flow

Statistics on each message in your auto reply flow

Statistics helps you understand what messages of the flow are most converting. Track the number of delivered and read messages and clicks on links in them within each flow.

Bot stats of a single message

Analyze the audience of your Facebook Messenger chatbot

Check the information about users who interact with your chatbot — the subscription date, gender, and language.

Connect the chatbot and analyze the statistics on bulk and personal campaigns in Facebook Messenger.

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