SendPulse is a one-stop marketing and sales automation platform. With SendPulse, you can create landing pages, build a subscriber base, send email, web push, and SMS campaigns, create Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Telegram chatbots to close more sales, and manage your sales using CRM.

  • 22.05.2024

    New pop-up builder features

    The new “Comment” element allows your subscribers to leave detailed feedback of up to 5000 characters. Also, you can now use custom HTML code in our text editor and seamlessly create contacts in your CRM using the “Create contact” option in your button settings.

  • 14.05.2024

    Auto-generated survey landing pages

    Once you've created your survey, the system will automatically generate a landing page for it. This page will allow your website visitors to easily participate in your survey. You can share this page link across social media, email campaigns, and other communication channels to effortlessly collect responses and drive more traffic.

  • 12.05.2024

    New pop-up builder element

    You can now use the new “Spacer” element to visually separate two pop-up template elements. It’s available in three sizes: S, M, or L.

  • 08.05.2024

    New pop-up display scenario

    To avoid overwhelming your website visitors, you can now use the new “Interaction with another pop-up from this project” pop-up display condition. This condition prevents your pop-up from appearing if the user has previously interacted with any other pop-up.

  • 23.04.2024

    SendPulse Popup Builder plugin for WordPress

    Add pop-up forms to any pages or posts using our free WordPress plugin. Subscribers’ contacts will be automatically added to your mailing lists, allowing you to send them email campaigns and transactional emails at any convenient time.

  • 16.04.2024

    Use images as buttons in your pop-up forms

    You can now replace your regular buttons with images or GIFs to make your pop-ups more dynamic and engaging.

  • 16.04.2024

    Survey pop-up templates

    To streamline your pop-up survey launches or improve your existing ones, take advantage of our pre-made survey templates.

  • 08.04.2024

    New pop-up customization options

    You can now set an image as your pop-up background and arrange your buttons both vertically and horizontally in a row.

  • 05.04.2024

    Static pop-ups

    You can now seamlessly integrate static pop-ups into your website interface, tailor them to your brand style, and effectively guide your website visitors toward conversions.

  • 03.04.2024

    Pop-up surveys

    You can now create pop-up surveys in a separate builder and collect valuable user feedback to improve the quality of your goods or services

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