Statistics allow marketers to analyze the results of every email sent and improve the next email campaigns. To review the statistics in SendPulse, click the tab "My campaigns" and choose "Campaign statistics."

What is the most important statistical data you should investigate?

  • The number of delivered letters
  • The number of errors in delivering the email 
  • The number of opened emails. The higher this number is, the higher the probability of sale. SendPulse gives you the opportunity to investigate:
  • The emails opened in each country
  • The number of opened emails depending on the device, whether they were opened on a desktop or mobile device 
  • The number of emails that were opened depending on browser
  • The number of clicks. You can also track the number of subscribers and exactly which link they clicked
  • In SendPulse, you can set up Google Analytics to track the websites visitors, their location, and their history of actions on the site

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