Spamhaus is a non-profit organization established by Steve Lindford in 1998. Spamhaus is targeted at tracking email spammers and spam-like activity. The name is a pseudo-German word used to signify an organization, which works with spammer activity. 

Spamhaus is comprised of a number of companies, which run anti-spam activity in different aspects of the Spamhaus anti-spam technology. 

The organization is responsible for creating several big lists of spammers, which are widely used by ISPs and email servers in order to reduce the amount of unsolicited mail in their users' mailboxes. 

Spamhaus distributes the lists as DNS-based Block lists and Whitelists. Small email servers can use these lists free of charge while bigger commercial organizations, which have many queries, have to sign up for the Datafeed Service.

Spamhaus's spammers lists include:

  • Spamhaus Block List – a list of known "verified" spammers
  • Exploits Block List – the list of open proxies, which are used to send out spam
  • Policy Block List – both dynamic and static IP addresses, such as ISP's core routers, which are required by their policy to send mail through third party servers 
  • Domain Block List – a list of well-known spammers and spam gangs, as well as websites, which are related to phishing, virus, and malware spreading
  • Botnet Controller List – Spamhaus believes that these IP addresses are controlled by cyber criminals

Spamhaus whitelists include:

  • Spamhaus White List – a list of verified IPv4 and IPv6 addresses with good reputations. Such addresses have to comply with the strict rules of Spamhaus
  • Domain White List – this white list of domain names implies automatic certification of domains with DKIM signatures

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