A QR code is an abbreviation for quick response code. This is a registered trademark of the Japanese matrix barcode. A QR Code is a machine-readable barcode, which contains information about the item that bares this code. Such data can include Japanese Kanji and Kana characters, images, music, URLs, and emails. In Japan, this code is standard for cell phones. 

The Japanese company Toyota initially developed this code in 1994 to mark the spare parts for their automobiles to be able to track the vehicles during the production process. 

Due to its high readability, the QR code has quickly become popular outside the automobile industry and, in many cases, has replaced the UPC. 

Nowadays, smartphones are used as scanning devices for the QR code. It appears to be a highly convenient and effortless way to access specific URLs or websites. The fact that there is no need to enter the URL manually brings better conversion, and therefore it is useful for marketing purposes. QR codes are often used in commercial tracking, transport ticketing, and storing personal information for some organizations. 

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In email marketing, the QR code is widely applied within loyalty programs and couponing due to higher conversions. A QR code included in your email campaign gives easy access to a URL, webpage, or a discount coupon. If you're looking for the best QR code generator, check out this comparison review.

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