Personalization is a way to tailor content so it becomes relevant to different subscribers. Most marketers consider personalization to be the principal rule to successful email campaigns

How can you achieve personalization?

One of the easiest and most basic ways to personalize your email is to include the name of the subscriber in the Subject line. This method of email personalization is most commonly used for plain text emails.

Personalization can also be used by segmenting your subscribers by different parameters, using statistics from Google Analytics. Such statistics include:

  • age; 
  • gender; 
  • interests;
  • website behavior. 

This kind of segmentation allows you to create relevant content for different subscribers. By doing so, you will avoid basic mistakes, such as sending a special offer of men’s razor blades to your female subscribers. Or, for example, you will not offer a discount for lipstick to the male portion of your audience.

Integrations with CRM or CMS can help you segment subscribers using all the data you have collected about them with the help of those platforms. For example, there will be subscribers who are your regular customers and subscribers who did not purchase anything from you. This creates an opportunity to warm up the new leads by offering bonuses or special discounts. You also get an opportunity to upsell to existing buyers by offering similar goods, or the goods that work together well with what they have already purchased.


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