ESP (Email Service Provider) is a company that provides tools for email marketing. To make the right choice of ESP for email marketing campaigns, you need to focus on the ESP’s functionality and deliverability rates. Here are some criteria for choosing a functional email service provider:

  • Ready-made templates. You will need a sufficient number of ready-made templates on different themes for your email campaign. It should also offer the designer’s support in cases when you need to develop a unique email template without your own efforts.
  • Mobile friendly design. The email service provider should optimize the email messages for every device. This means that your email will be adapted to all mobile devices and will be viewed even on the smallest screen. This function is very useful because only half of emails are opened and read from smartphones. 
  • Integration with your own projects. For business, it is very important that systems work synchronously. That’s why email service providers should offer a lot of integration for your CRM and CMS to transfer data to run your email marketing campaigns with your project management and commercial activities.
  • Sending a series of emails. This function is of real value for email marketers because it ensures your email messages are sent out when a new subscriber is added to your mailing list or when a subscriber clicked on a link in the email. With an automated series of emails, you can create automated email campaigns based on users’ activities.

SendPulse provides all of the features mentioned above as well as A/B testing of emails to see detailed stats of each campaign. SendPulse also has many other useful features.

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