If you don’t want to use ready-made templates, then you can import your custom HTML code to create a unique custom-coded email template.

SendPulse enables you to create email templates using four methods: "My Templates and Import," "Layout Template Editor," "Existing Design Templates," and "HTML editor." To create a custom-coded template, use the method "My Templates and Import." 

 Select my templates and import

In the tab "My Templates and Import" you can choose one of these three options

  • Upload a file of any type: HTML, zip, rar, or 7z. The file size should be less than 5Mb. The images and the HTML file must be in the archive root directory.
  • Import from a URL.
  • Paste the HTML code.

Upload a file

Only those templates that meet the following demands will be correctly displayed to every email client

  • Use the table layout.
  • Insert a style sheet using the inline style. Don’t save the separate style sheet file with a .css extension.
  • For every block element, specify the font style (font size, font family, line height, etc.).
  • The size of the letter shouldn’t exceed 100 kB.
  • Please note that a significant part of the style attributes do not work with some email clients.

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