Automation of email marketing allows you to set up autoresponders that will be automatically sent to your subscribers after the events you specify. Sending emails automatically saves you time and allows you to send emails routinely and without mistakes. Once you set up these automated letters they will be sent every time your subscribers meet a particular trigger. 

Automation allows you to create email campaigns that are based on these triggers. For example, an email can automatically be sent on events that you define, such as:

  • a new user joined your mailing list;
  • a previous message was opened;
  • a previous message was not opened;
  • a subscriber has read your previous letter and clicked on a particular link; or
  • a subscriber is celebrating their birthday.

When creating automated letters, it is very important to determine when they will be sent. You can send the trigger email immediately after an event occurs (for example, being added to the mailing list or a birthday) or after a certain time (for example, if the message was not opened).

Companies that use automation to sending mailings noted a high rate of return on investment (ROI) using this method. This is another reason why it is necessary to apply automation in your email marketing campaigns.

To create automated email campaigns, follow the steps described in this guide.




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