The function of the newsletter archive is to show users all your emails in order to arouse their interest to subscribe. The emails in the archive can be shared via social networks. Thus, the newsletter archive may help in getting new subscribers.

This is what a newsletter archive looks like:

Newsletter archive

To begin with, you should set the newsletter archive. Here is a guide on how to do it step by step. After you set up the archived version of your email campaign, you’ll be able to copy the link from your browser’s address bar to share it online. The users who see your email in their web browsers can share it on social networks with the help of the archive bar. 

What is the purpose of the newsletter archive?

The newsletter archive was developed to strengthen the effectiveness of your email marketing via sharing emails through social networks. If the content of your emails can really engage the reader, then it may become viral. This means that one person forwards the email to their friends, they do the same, and then other people can do it in a potentially worldwide proportion.

To achieve the viral effect, you need to create emails with fresh content. Most of the emails that become viral involve humor and emotion. Look at the ideas below. Create your newsletter archive in such a way that users want to share it.

Viral content ideas

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