The account owner is a user status that allows implementing any changes in the administrating of the account. The account owner has access to the sections "Security," "Email Service," and "API." 

The account owner has rights:

  • to create, edit, and delete email templates;
  • to create mailings;
  • to change the pricing plan;
  • to view the payment history;
  • to pay for various services;
  • to analyze the mailings according to statistics reports;
  • to create split testing and autoresponders; and
  • to create mailing lists, archives, and subscription forms.

The account owner can invite users to the account and give them access to the different sections mentioned above. In order to outsource the whole complex process of email marketing to different specialists, like a designer, accountant, marketing analyst, or others, the account owner can establish forbidden access forbiddance on the separate sections. This is done to prevent leakage or dissemination of information. For this reason the account owner when inviting users can give them the status of "designer," "accountant," "analytic," "editor," "manager," or "superman." 

Invite a user

Read this article to learn more about user access levels that the account owner can give.

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