Bulk SMS price - Paraguay

SendPulse supports worldwide sms sending. It encompasses more than 800 networks in more than 200 countries all over the world.

SMS marketing and transactional messages is a great way to further boost your customer engagement and retention. SMS open rate is higher then 95%, that's why, if you have something really important to say to your customers, this channel is the best way to get the message through. Sendpulse offers worldwide bulk SMS service with varying prices for each country.

As of 2015, there are more then 105 per 100 inhabitants in Paraguay and more then 10538955105843 in total and this figures are constantly growing. Why not use such a great opportunity to take your business to the next level? Note, that SMS is best used with bulk email service . You can send SMS to subscribers who didn't open your email. Find out more about this feature.

Bulk SMS Prices in Paraguay

We offer a flat rate for sending bulk sms in Paraguay. Before you start sending sms, you can test them in our service (you can send up to 10 messages free of charge)

Country Country code Calling code Price for 1 sms Price for 1000 sms Price for 10000 sms
Paraguay PY 595 $ 0.019 $ 19 $ 190

Mobile Networks in Paraguay

We support 4 mobile networks in Paraguay. Our list of supported networks is constantly growing as they appear. If you wasn't able to find a certain mobile network in Paraguay on our list, please contact our support team to find our about the availability to send messages to this network. We offer a fixed price for all mobile networks (1.9 $ for 100 sms)

Carrier Price for 1 sms
Tigo (Telecel Paraguay) $ 0.019
VOX (Hola Paraguay S,A,) $ 0.019
Claro Paraguay $ 0.019
Personal (Nucleo S,A) $ 0.019

Mobile usage in Paraguay per 100 inhabitants

If you still hesitate whether you should use sms marketing for customer acquisition and retention, look at the graph below to see the dynamics of mobile usage in Paraguay per 100 inhabitants. Looks impressive, isn't it? Why wait any longer, the opportunity awaits!

Mobile usage in Paraguay

We hope to see you onboard!