SendPulse has developed a long-term Loyalty Program to reward its regular users with digital tokens MERCI. Read the following guidelines to learn about digital tokens as well as ways to get and spend them.

Terms used in the loyalty program

Digital token

Bonus token (MERCI token, cryptocurrency token) is a payment unit, used to encourage customers. Users will get tokens for registering in SendPulse, activation, and extension of different pricing plans as well as heavy use of other features. Once a user has collected enough tokens, they can use them instead of cash to pay for services. Tokens are credited to and withdrawn from the token balance in the user’s account according to the rules specified in the section “How to participate in the Program” below.


Cryptocurrency is a type of digital currency based on cryptography. The defining features of this currency are anonymity, decentralization, and security. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, and IOTA are top cryptocurrencies by market capitalization in 2018. MERCI token is now an asset inside SendPulse. Once listed on popular cryptocurrency exchanges, it will be tradable with all available pairs, and its range of application will broaden.

Cryptocurrency wallet

Cryptocurrency wallet is an alternative to regular e-wallet for digital currencies. It is a software program that store public and private keys allowing you to send/receive and monitor funds. 


ICO is a fundraising method, through which companies create and distribute their native digital tokens to investors. SendPulse will create tokens without running an ICO, aiming to make them a common and universal payment instrument. 

Cryptocurrency exchanges

Cryptocurrency exchanges are digital platforms, where you can exchange your cryptocurrencies for real money or other digital currencies available.

How to participate in the Program

  • Registration 

A user automatically participates in the Loyalty Program straight after registration in SendPulse. The registered user will see the current token balance in a corresponding field after confirming the account. 

  • Earning tokens

If you are an active SendPulse user, you will get tokens every month. You receive MERCI tokens immediately after the registration. The detailed information on your token balance is available on the transaction history page. 

What are the tokens credited for?

The table below specifies the number of tokens a user gets for each of the following actions. 

Action Number of tokens
One-off payment
Registration in SendPulse 5 tokens
Charge for purchasing a pricing plan
Activation or extension of Email Plan 3% of the price of the chosen plan is calculated. This sum is then converted to tokens and credited to your account. Refer to the “Token price and its crediting formula” for details.
Activation or extension of SMTP Plan 3% of the price of the chosen plan is calculated. This sum is then converted to tokens and credited to your account. Refer to the “Token price and its crediting formula” for details.
Charge for using the features
Sending at least 10,000 emails, excluding emails sent with Automation 360 and SMTP 30 tokens
Sending at least 2,500 emails via SMTP 30 tokens
Sending at least 100 emails using Automation 360 60 tokens
Growing a mailing list with SendPulse subscription forms. The mailing list should contain at least 10 confirmed contacts 40 tokens
Sending at least 5,000 web push notifications. At the time of verification, a code should be inserted into your website 40 tokens

  •  Spending tokens

Token holder will be able to use tokens to pay for pricing plans. The number of spent tokens is available on the transaction history page. 

Token price and its crediting formula

When you sign up for a pricing plan, the number of tokens you get depends on the selected Email or SMTP plan. Tokens are credited based on the following algorithm:

  1. 3% of the price of the chosen plan is calculated.

  2. The amount received is then converted from USD to token.

Token price: 1 MERCI = $0.01.

For example, you sign up for monthly email subscription with 10,000 subscribers. It costs $53.  3% of this sum equals $1.59 that is 159 tokens.

This is the number of tokens you will see on your transaction history.

When you use the collected tokens to pay for any pricing plan, they will be withdrawn from your balance. The corresponding information will be displayed on your transaction history.

Future prospects

We will negotiate with different online services and stores that accept cryptocurrency payments. In the future, SendPulse is going to provide a long list of brands that are ready to accept MERCI tokens as payment for their products and services. Thus, you will be able to use the collected tokens instead of cash. 


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