How to get a bulk email permit

Bulk email permit is a must in email marketing. It implies an explicit permission to receive emails from you given by your subscribers.

Why bulk email permit is important

Bulk email permit ensures that marketing activities are legal. Besides, there're 2 more reasons why you should have it. Firstly, it is the first step to email deliverability. If you send an email to users who haven't opted in to receive it, it's very likely to get into the spam folder. So, your sender reputation will tarnish. Secondly, a legal mailing list means that contacts are interested in your business. This way, the audience will be engaged and the conversions will be higher.

The easiest way to get a permission is collecting emails with subscription forms intelligently placed on the website.

How to get a bulk email permit

  1. Place a subscription form on your website. An attractive form with a neat design helps grow a mailing list. SendPulse offers a simple and functional form builder. You can either choose a pre-designed form or create your own that suits your brand style.
  2. Use a double opt-in subscription method. It means that subscribers have to confirm subscription twice by following the link from the email. This method helps build a high-quality mailing list which is free from invalid email addresses. There's no need to worry how to implement it because all the forms created in SendPulse use this method.
  3. Create a powerful lead magnet. A lead magnet stimulates users to leave their email address. It may be an ebook, a complete guide, a checklist or a discount. This instrument increases the number of registrations since users are motivated to join your mailing list.

After a user is added to the mailing list, you start collecting personal information about them. It may include name, gender, occupation, location, etc. To follow the best practices, be ready to tell subscribers which data you have about them according to GDPR requirements. The way to do this depends on the industry. For example, if you're in ecommerce, offer a customer to create a personal account on your website to monitor the information you have. Thus, they will be able to edit the profile anytime.

Let's generate more subscribers!

Select a pre-made form or design your own one with our flexible form builder to suit your brand style. All the forms imply double opt-in by default and don't require any technical skills.

Register and create a form!

Below is a user profile in Amazon. Here you can find all the information the service has about you.

User profile

Another way to show and manage the data is via an email. Some brands add the link to an email preference center where a user can choose the email sending frequency and the desirable type of content to receive. Based on this information, marketers segment their mailing list and send relevant offers to each subscriber.
Astley Clarke allows to update preferences from the email. They add the link to the email footer.

Update email preferences

After subscribers follow the link, they will be redirected to the preferences page where they can update personal information.

Email preferences center

Start your email marketing with a bulk email permit and enjoy high conversions!

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