How to Delete SendPulse Temporary Files in Web Browsers

Why do you need to clear the web browser’s temporary files?

First of all, if your browser works fine, it is not necessary to clear the website’s cache, cookies, and other temporary files — web browsers store these things so that web pages upload faster when you return.

But when you noticed that web pages load slowly or that some of their elements are outdated, it is recommended to do the cleanup. This procedure will make the browser upload the most up-to-date versions of web pages, which may resolve errors like 404 and 505, caused by corrupt cache files. Also, deleting temporary files will increase the web browser’s productivity.

Google Chrome

*in version 70.0

How to clean up the SendPulse cache in Chrome web browser

Log in to your SendPulse account and use the combination of Ctrl+Shift+I keys or F12 to open Chrome’s Developers Console.

developers console

Now right-click on the page reload button and select the "Empty cache and hard reload" option.

Empty cache and hard reload

You have cleaned the cache of the SendPulse website!

Cookies cleanup in Chrome

Open browser customization menu and then click on "Settings."


Open the Main Menu

Main Menu

Look for Advanced settings and unfold the dropdown list. Then click on "Privacy and security."

Privacy and security

Scroll down the list and open the "Content settings."

Content settings

Go to Cookies settings.


Click "See all cookies and site data."

See all cookies and site data

Now look for the search box in the upper right corner of the screen and key in "Sendpulse" there. 
Click on the magnifying glass icon to start the search.

start the search

This way, you will open the whole list of temporary files from the SendPulse website stored in the browser.
Click on "Remove all shown" to delete the files.

That's about it!

Mozilla Firefox

*in version 63.0.3

How to delete web cache in Firefox

Open Firefox Menu and go to "Options."


Open "Privacy&Security" scroll down to "Clear data" and click on it.

clear data

Tick "Cached web content" and click "Clear."


As Firefox doesn't have an option to clear the cache of specific websites, this action will delete all cached web content.

Cleaning up SendPulse cookies in the Firefox web browser.

Open Firefox menu and go to OptionsOptions

Open "Privacy and Security" settings.


Scroll down to "Cookies and Site Data" parameters and open the "Manage Data" menu.

Manage Data

Key in "sendpulse" in the search box, and the browser will show all SendPulse temporary files automatically.

SendPulse temporary files

Click "Remove all shown" and then "Save changes" to confirm the actions.


*version 56.0

How to clean web cache in Opera

Open Opera Menu and go to "Settings."

Then expand Advanced settings, click on "Privacy & Security," and open "Clear browsing data" menu.

In the "Basic" tab, specify the Time range: "All time," tick "Cached images and files" box, and click "Clear data."

As there is no option to clear web cache for a specific website, this way, you will clear all cached files of all sites you visited in Opera.

How to delete SendPulse cookies in Opera

Open Opera Menu and go to "Settings."

In the advanced settings, open "Privacy & Security" and click "Content settings."

Open the "Cookies" settings.

Click "See all cookies and site data."

Type "SendPulse" in the search bar.

Click "Remove all shown."

Click "Clear all" to confirm the deletion of data.


How to clean up the SendPulse cache in Safari

* in version 11.1.2

Log in to your SendPulse account. Press the Shift key and the page refresh button at the same time.

The SendPulse site cache is updated.

How to clean up the SendPulse cookies in Safari

In the Safari menu, click "Preferences."

Safari Preferences

On the "Privacy" tab, click the "Manage Website Data" button.

Privacy Settings

Type "SendPulse" in the search bar.

Remove files.

Removing Data


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