How to send a Facebook campaign

1. Log in to your SendPulse account, go to «My campaigns» tab and click «New campaign»:

New campaign

First, pick a bot from the drop-down list.
After that, you can add text of the message, a button, a quick reply or another message. 

2. Users can specify button URL or button phone number — so that recipient gets redirected to a specific web page or dials a phone number clicking the button. Users can also bind an automated chatbot flow to the button. Those recipients who will click the button will receive the flow messages then.

Add button

3. Check the preview window in the right-hand side of the screen to see how the content of the message changes as you apply the settings:

Message preview

4. Add a quick reply and bind an automated chatbot flow to it. Click on the quick reply will launch the start of the flow.

Quick reply

5. Chatbot can send in a message whatever Facebook messenger does: text, picture, card (picture with a signature), list of cards, files, request for contact data.

Message content


There is an option to do auto posting via the chatbot.

Go to «My bots» menu, select a chatbot and rightclick on it, then open «Bot settings».

Bot settings

Go to «Autoposting» tab and click «Add channel».

Autoposting settings

Paste the RSS feed URL in the URL box and click «Add RSS channel».

Add RSS channel

Once you add an RSS channel, you can delete or edit it.

Edit RSS

In the «Actions» column click «Edit» to set channel parameters.

This menu allows to select notification type:

RSS Channel parameters

«Regular» notifications come with a sound signal.

«Silent» notifications come only with a screen notification. Use this notification type for campaigns that don't require immediate reaction.

«Without notification» type means that messages will come without the signal, but with vibration.

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