How to create a Facebook chat widget for a website

Placing a chat widget on your website connects its visitors with the SendPulse chatbot.

A user must have at least one bot activated in their account to get access to chat widgets.

1. Log in to your SendPulse account and go to "Messengers" tab.  Open "Signup widgets" and click "Add widget."

2. Pick a chatbot you need to set up the widget for in the drop-down list, and select a form type: fixed, button, floating, pop-up window, built-in, client chat.

On the right side of the screen, you can see how the chosen form type looks like. 

Click "Next."

3. Edit the widget. Widget setup parameters depend on the form type.

Forms of such types as fixed, floating, pop-up window allow specifying text for the form header, text color, and its background color, as well as color and size of the button and its text.

4. For "Button" forms users can set color and size of the button, as well as pick the button text in the drop-down list.

5. For "Chat" forms users specify header and add a website address.

Check the right side of the screen to see how the form changes as you apply the settings.

Go to the "After subscribing" tab to set parameters of the button, which clients will see after they subscribe: button background color, text on the button and its color.

When all is set, click "Save and get code" — a box with the form code will open.

Click the "Copy to clipboard" icon to copy the widget HTML code.

6. Place the widget where you want it to be on a web page.

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