SendPulse plugin for increasing emails' open rates in MailChimp

If you use MailChimp to send your mailings, you can integrate it with SendPulse for maximizing open rate automatically. 


The high open rates of mailings are the biggest challenge for email marketers. It's quite common when you send different mailings and one email has more opens and the other has no response from subscribers. Our study proved that SendPulse plugin delivered 50% higher open rates.

How does it work

Increasing of emails' open rates is largely based on resending unopened emails to your subscribers. You can change the subject line and the time of sending. All this creates an impression that email is a new one.

How can you use SendPulse Plugin

To start using this plugin you need to log in to your account in SendPulse.  

Select Service Settings

Open the Other Settings and activate the integration with MailChimp

Enter API key in a pop-up window

You can find in MailChimp account settings.

Select an email list of MailChimp that you will track the resending of emails

You can set the resending campaigns to subscribers who have not opened your email automatically or manually.

How does SendPulse plugin for MailChimp work in automatic mode

The function of resending in the automatic mode enables sending a follow-up email without your participation. To test the function you need to log in to your MailChimp account and send an email campaign to the selected list. After some time our service will get an email and email list of subscribers from MailChimp who have not opened your email. SendPulse will automatically resend your email to those subscribers who have not read it when you send an email via MailChimp.

How does SendPulse plugin for MailChimp work in manual mode

When you resend email manually you can change the subject line and the text of email campaign. In this case, you need to select "Send manually" and specify the time interval after which you want resend an email to unopened.

Navigate "My campaigns" and you will see a draft of email campaign you sent via MailChimp. Click the button "Resend to unopened".

Then you can edit the text and choose another color of the headers. The changes will create the effect of a completely new email and subscribers will consider it not as a duplicate email but as a new one.

You can check how many emails were opened in the main mailing from MailChimp and how many emails were opened in your resending campaign via SendPulse. 

Test the plugin now!

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