How to use SendPulse add-on for CS Cart online shops

CS Cart is a popular platform for online shops.

Use SendPulse module for CS-Cart to transfer shoppers' details to SendPulse mailing lists.

In this article we will show how to install the SendPUlse module and how to use it.

First log in to the admin panel of your CS Cart shop and go to Add-ons - Manage add-ons menu:

Open Browse all available add-ons tab and do a search by SendPulse name.

 Install the module once you found it and then click on its name to open the integration setup menu:

You will need to enter your SendPulse API credentials there, so log in to your SendPulse account, go to Account Settings and open the API tab there:

Copy the API ID and API Secret values and paste them to proper boxes it SendPulse Connect add-on settings, then click Save.  

Now go back to the add-on's settings, open Automatic Synchronization tab to set up the client data export parameters. 

Mark what events will trigger data export: New customer added, New order, New subscription.

To activate data transfer by a specific event, tick Activate box; tick the Name in a single box to transfer buyer's first and last name to the same column in SendPulse mailing list — otherwise first and last names will be split to different columns. Don't forget to specify the SendPulse mailing list the data will be exported to:

Scroll down the same menu to export fields parameters. Here you can use < and > buttons to add or delete fields: click on a field listed in the Available field box to select it and then select the field with a click < to add it to the list of Selected fields. The same way you can delete a field from selected ones, but use the > button in that case.

Don't forget to click Save to confirm the changes in settings.

Besides that, in SendPulse Connect add-on users can activate SendPulse Web Push service:

But before clicking Use push service be sure to activate the Web Push service for your shop's website in SendPulse account. Please refer to this article for a detailed manual on how to do that.

SendPulse Connect add-on also allows exporting customer contact details manually. 

In your shop's admin panel go to Customers Customers menu, mark customers you want to export to SendPulse mailing list, then in the top right corner click on the gearwheel icon and select Export to SendPulse.

On the next step you need to select a SendPulse mailing list the data will be exported to and select what data fields will be exported. 

Then click Export data transfer.


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