The module SendPulse for PrestaShop allows you to export email addresses to SendPulse and import them from SendPulse to PrestaShop in order to collect contacts for further email campaigns.

The module installation

1. Go to Modules and Services

Open PrestaShop admin panel where you can set all preferences for proper functioning. Navigate to "Modules" → "Modules and Services".

2. Click "Upload a module" in the opened window of a right upper panel

You will see the directory for files uploading.

3. Select module's archive on the computer

Then click the button "Upload this module".

4. Install it by click "Install"

The installing is over. Now you need to configure the module.

The Module Configuration

1. Activate REST API

Log in to your SendPulse account and navigate to "Service settings" → the tab "API". Here you need to activate the REST API and copy API Secret and ID for later use.

2. Paste SendPulse ID and Secret key

Then follow these steps in Prestashop: "Modules" → "Configure" and enter the field "SendPulse ID" and "Secret key". Then, please click "Save".

3. Export subscribers

Tick "Export only subscribers" in order to export only those email addresses of users who signed up for your mailings.  The system exports all your users without this tick.

How to export email addresses from PrestaShop to SendPulse?

1. Click "Customers" → "Export to SendPulse" in the PrestaShop's admin panel

2. Specify the categories for export

Simply tick the box next to the category you need.

3. In the drop-down menu "Group actions" select "Export checked" → "Check all"

PrestaShop confirms export showing you a pop-up window "SendPulse progress". If you started export by mistake, you can cancel the process by clicking the button "Close".

4. Check the export

After the process of export is over check your emails in SendPulse account. Select "Mailing Lists" in the left menu. Here you will see the category of emails that was exported from Prestashop. 

How to import email addresses from SendPulse to PrestaShop?

1. Click "Customers" → "Import from SendPulse"

2. Select categories of emails for import from SendPulse

3. Click "Import checked" → "Check all" in the drop-down menu "Group actions"

PrestaShop confirms your import by showing a pop-up window "SendPulse Progress". If you need to cancel the process of import, click the button "Close".

The list of contacts from the mailing list in SendPulse will be imported to "Customers" in PrestaShop.

Learn more about SendPulse plugin for PrestaShop.

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