How to Integrate SendPulse with Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook Lead Ads is a kind of advertisement on Facebook used to collect contact information from the target audience. It is presented as an ordinary news post in the feed and contains a call to action button. Clicking this button opens a form where leads can enter their names, email addresses, and phone numbers. These ads can increase conversion because users are not transferred to any third party services; everything is done in a couple of clicks on Facebook.

Facebook Lead Ads setup

Follow these steps to set up your advertising campaign:


On the "Campaigns" tab, click "Create" or "Create Ad."

Create Ad Button

Start creating a new campaign. Create New Campaign

Set the marketing objective to "Lead generation."

Lead Generation

Write the campaign name and click "Set Up Ad Account."

Set Up Ad Account

Specify the account country, currency, and time zone, then click "Continue."

Account Info

Create the "Ad Set Name" and select a page to promote.

Ad Set Name

Configure the target audience.

Target Audience Parameters

Configure the placement of the ad.

Ad Placement Setup

Depending on the objectives and the type of ad, it can be demonstrated on Facebook, Instagram, or Messenger, in feed, stories, or Marketplace. To configure a custom ad placement, click "Edit Placement."

Set up budget and schedule and click "Continue."

Budget and Schedule

Now it’s time to create the ad. Select the format among suggested carrousel, a single picture, a single video, or slideshow. We will proceed with a single picture example.

Add an image or video, headline, description, and a call to action. You can see a preview of the ad on the right, to check how it will look in different areas.

Ad Creation

Create an instant form where leads will leave their contacts.

New Instant Form This form opens to users on clicking the call to action button, often with the pre-filled fields. Leads can change their data before submitting the form.

Enter the name and choose the type of form.

Instant Form Details

Fill in the headline, add an image, and layout — the information visible to a lead when the form opens. There is also a preview on the right.

Instant Form Intro

Next, select what contact information you want to receive from the leads. The choice of data is quite big, but the easiest and most efficient way is to gather names and email addresses.

User Information

Add the privacy policy URL. This is required as you are going to collect personal data, and people providing it will want to know how you will store and process it.

Privacy Policy Link

After, set up the "Thank You" screen, which leads will see after they submit their contacts to you.

Thank You Screen Setup

Save the instant form.

Save the Instant Form

Click "Confirm."

Save the AdThat’s it, the ad for collecting leads’ contact information is ready. As soon as users submit forms with their data, you can find it on "Facebook Ads Manager," → "Campaigns," → "Ad Sets," → "Ads." To download the contacts, click "Leads (Form)." After that, you will be able to import the data into your CRM or email service provider.

SendPulse Integration Setup

The main advantage of the integration is that it saves you a lot of time. How? Without the integration, when you receive the leads’ contacts, you need to download the data from the Facebook Ads account onto your PC and import the contacts into the email service provider. After that, the leads will appear on your mailing list.

After you set up the integration, you are no longer concerned with this procedure. Only a few minutes are needed for the contact information to automatically appear in the mailing list after the leads submit the instant form. In addition to email addresses, data from all other fields of the instant form is transmitted. The data will be added to the mailing list as additional variables.

So, follow these five simple steps to set up the integration:

  1. Open
  2. Click "Facebook Leads."

    SendPulse Integration

  3. Select a Facebook page you want to integrate with SendPulse and click "Next."

    Facebook Page Selection

  4. Select a mailing list.
  5. Click "Subscribe."

    Subscribe ButtonThe checkmark at the mailing list will switch to green.

Ready! Now the leads’ contacts will be transferred into your mailing list automatically.

Emojis are removed from names while transferring data to SendPulse mailing lists. For example, if a client adds the name “Ron 🎭” in an instant form, the name “Ron” will be displayed in a SendPulse mailing list.

You can also easily disable integrations that are not relevant anymore. The steps are the same as for enabling it, but at the end, click "Unsubscribe."

Unsubscribe Button

Since you should move leads’ contact information manually every day, the integration can save hours if you spend just a few minutes on setting it up.

This integration is completely free for SendPulse users. Create an account today and give it a try.

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