How to integrate with Creatio

The SendPulse and Creatio integration allows you to send bulk email campaigns. You don't need to exit Creatio to send a SendPulse campaign and view its results.

In this article, we will talk about how to integrate with Creatio and launch your campaigns.

How Does the Integration Work?

You can integrate with Creatio to have the following benefits:

  • Synchronize your contact database or individual campaign segments (phone numbers, email addresses, and other client data) with SendPulse.
  • Create campaigns based on your Creatio customer base and SendPulse mailing lists.
  • Automatically update your campaign statistics in Creatio.
  • Send SMS, Viber, and email campaigns.

How to Set Up the Integration

Install the Connector

Log in to your Creatio account, and click the wheel icon in the upper right corner to go to your settings.

Go to “Application management” > “Application Hub.”

Click New Application.

Select “Marketplace Powered,” and click Select.

Using search, find and select "SendPulse Connector."

Sign up on the Creatio marketplace to be able to install the connector.

To install the connector, enter your account email address or a connected website’s URL, and click Install. You can find it on the upper panel of your Creatio account.

Once you install it, you will see the "Success" status.

Copy Your SendPulse ID and Secret

Go to your SendPulse account > "Account Settings" > "API.” Copy your ID and Secret.

Set Up the Connector

Go to your Creatio account > "System setup" > "System settings."

Using filters, find and open the "SendPulse ID" system setting. In the "Default value" field, paste your copied ID. Click Save.

Find the "SendPulse Secret" system setting, and paste your SendPulse Secret in the "Default value" field.

Find the "SendPulse contacts chunk size" system setting, and specify the required number of contacts for processing in the "Default value" field. The default number is 100.

If you create new mailing lists in Creatio, they will be synchronized with SendPulse.

How to Use Lookups and Sections

Once you configure all the settings, several lookups will appear in Creatio — you can check their values by going to "Settings" > "Lookups." You can find the one you need using filters.

The "SendPulse campaign types" and "SendPulse Viber message types" lookup values are standard and will be added to the connector. The ​​"SendPulse Viber templates," "SendPulse email templates," "SendPulse SMS senders," "SendPulse Viber senders," and "SendPulse email senders" lookup values are retrieved from SendPulse automatically.

You will also see two new sections:

  • "SendPulse mailing lists" (a section where mailing lists will be retrieved from SendPulse and saved);
  • "SendPulse campaigns" (a section where your created and launched campaigns will be stored).

To manage all your lookup data and create campaigns, you need to create a workplace and add the above-mentioned sections to it.

To do this, go to "Settings" > "Set up view" > "Workplace setup."

Click your workspace, and open it. Click Sections +.

In the filter, type in "SendPulse," select the two sections, and click Select.

Afterward, you will be able to find the "SendPulse mailing lists" and "SendPulse campaigns" sections using search.

How to Add a Mailing List

You can add a mailing list with contacts that are saved in Creatio. To do this, you need to create a contact group and add it to your mailing list.

When creating a new mailing list, you can only select folders from the "Contacts" section in the original interface.

Create a Contact Group

Go to the "Contacts" section, click New folder. Select “Static” to add contact from current list, or “Dynamic” to update contacts if you add new one which meets your folder conditions. Enter a folder name.

To add contacts to your created folder, you need to set up a filter. Afterward, contacts from your general list will be added there. Click Add filter.

Select the condition under which your contacts will be added, for example, age, location, account type, phone number, date created, name, contact information, etc. You can create multiple filters.

Add a condition. All contacts from your list that meet these criteria will be added to your created folder.

Create a Mailing List

Go to the "SendPulse mailing lists" section, and click New.

Enter your mailing list name, and in the "Contact folder" field, select your created contact folder. To find your folder, you can type in its name or click the magnifying glass icon and select your folder from the list in the modal window.

Click Save.

How to Launch Campaigns

Go to the "SendPulse campaigns" section, and click New.

In the "Campaign type" field, specify your campaign type (Email, SMS, or Viber).

For an email campaign, specify your email template, sender email address, and subject line.

For an SMS campaign, enter your campaign text, and specify your SMS sender — the list of available ones is automatically retrieved from your SendPulse account.

For a Viber campaign, enter your text in the "Campaign text" field, and select your Viber sender (the sender specified in your SendPulse account).

Enter a campaign name in the "Campaign name" field. In the "Mailing list name" field, select a mailing list. Your Campaign ID will be added automatically. The “Active” checkbox that shows your campaign status will be selected automatically, as well.

Click Run Process and select "Start SendPulse campaign" to send your campaign immediately. If you want to send it on a specific date, select "Run Process by record."

Once your campaign passes the moderation process, it will be launched. Statistics in Creatio are synchronized with your SendPulse statistics and will be updated every hour.

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