How to install and use Contact Form 7 to move contact data from WordPress

Contact Form 7 to Any API is a WordPress plugin designed to transfer data from contact forms to various third-party tools or services, such as SendPulse’s CRM system, through REST API. It also automatically stores information received through Contact Form 7 in a database with advanced functionality, including data search and export capabilities in CSV or Excel formats.

In this article, we will talk about how to install and use Contact Form 7 to transfer contact data from WordPress.

Set up a flow in SendPulse

To transfer data from WordPress contact forms using Contact Form 7, create a SendPulse flow that will move contact data to the CRM system.

Create an event and copy the ID

Go to Automation > Events Manager > Add new event. Select Custom event, type in an event name, and configure your variables. Click Add.

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Create a flow and specify the event

In SendPulse, you can create an automated flow scenario triggered by an event, such as an abandoned cart, website registration, purchase, or custom event.

In Flow start, select Your events and the event you created (in our case, it’s From API). Click Apply.

Add the Action element and save the flow

Drag the Action element to the workspace, and in the CRM subsection, select Create contact. Click Apply.

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Link the two elements, and click Save.

You can also create your scenario by adding other elements to the flow. For example, you can add the Filter element to select the contacts you want to save to the CRM system.

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Start the flow

Exit the builder, and click Start.

Install the plugins and create contact forms

Install the WordPress plugins

Install Contact Form 7 and Contact Form to Any API in your WordPress account.

Create a contact form in Contact Form 7

Name your contact form, and configure the required fields.

Configuring the email or phone field is required for your automated flow to work.

Scroll down, and click Save.

Create a contact form in Contact Form to Any API

Go to the Contact Form to Any API plugin tab, and select Add New CF7 API. Name your contact form.

In the Select Contact Form field, select your created contact form from Contact Form 7. In the API Url field, paste the POST URL event address you copied from the Events Manager in SendPulse.

Leave the Header Request field empty. In the Input Type field, select json, and in the Method field, select POST.

Configure field mapping — specify the variables to which the values of the FirstName, LastName, and Email fields from Contact Form 7 will be passed.

Contact Form 7 field SendPulse variable
FirstName firstName
LastName lastName
Email email

To ensure data accuracy, indicate correct variable names that will be sent to your automated flow and then saved to the CRM system to create contacts.

All user data entered on your website will be transferred to the corresponding SendPulse CRM fields.

Click Publish to save your contact form.

Where to view your transferred contact data

In the log

Go to Automation > Events manager > Log to view data about each received event. You will see the list of your transferred contacts and their data.

In the CRM Contacts list

Go to CRM > Contacts to view data about each contact transferred from your automated flow. New contacts will appear on this list.

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