Despite the fact that Gmail is not created for sending bulk emails, you can send emails to multiple recipients. Still, there is a limitation regarding the recipients: you can send to no more than 500 users per day. This is the way Gmail prevents sending spam. In case you exceed this limit, your account may be disabled for 24 hours with the following error — “Gmail Lockdown in Section 4.” It means suspicious activity from your account. After that, you’d better change your password and enable 2-step verification.

How to send bulk emails in Gmail?

1. Go to contacts

Go to your Gmail account. Hover your cursor over “Gmail” and choose “Contacts”.

Go to Gmail Contacts

2. Create label

Label is a list of recipients you’ll send your email to.

Select “Create label”, name it and click “OK”.

Create Label

Step 3. Add contacts

Click the icon with a plus at the bottom of the page to create a new contact.

Add a new contact

Step 4. Create a contact

Fill the fields with the necessary information like Name, Company, Job title, Email, Phone, Notes and click “Save”.

Add the information about a contactStep 5. Add contacts to the list 

After you have created the contacts, add them to the previously created list. For this purpose, tick them all, navigate to the top, click “Manage labels” and choose the necessary one, ours is “Test”. Your mailing list is created.


There are 2 variants how to create and send bulk emails in Gmail

1st Variant

Staying in “Contacts”, select the necessary label, tick the email addresses you’re going to send to and click “Send email” (icon with the envelope). 

Add contacts

You will be redirected to a new browser window where you can create and send a campaign.

Send an email campaign in Gmail

2nd Variant

Being in your Inbox, click “Compose”. In the “To” field type the name of label you’re going to send to and you’ll get the email addresses. Now, you can create and send bulk email.

Compose and send an email campaign in Gmail 

Since there are restrictions on the number of recipients, it’s not very convenient to use Gmail for sending bulk emails.

So, we suggest you installing SendPulse Gmail Extension to import your contacts from Gmail to SendPulse mailing lists for free.

Why should you install SendPulse Gmail Extension?

In our service, you can send 15 000 emails to less than 2500 subscribers per month for free. Besides, there’s a great choice of features available for free. They will optimize your work and improve email performance. 

There’s no point in wasting time on manual mailing lists creating if you use SendPulse. With the help of this extension, you can add new subscribers to your lists in SendPulse in one click.

How to import contacts?

Install the extension, then activate REST API in account settings and unique credentials will be generated. Then, copy them to the extension. Select the necessary emails and choose the list for import clicking on the extension. Now your contacts are in the mailing list in our service. Discover more about the integration with Gmail.

Start creating a campaign!

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