How to send a confirmation email

Marketers send confirmation emails to confirm the purchase, booking, subscription, registration, etc. Confirmation emails help to lead the potential customers down the sales funnel. With SendPulse, subscription confirmation emails work automatically if you use our subscription form builder.

Step 1: Go to subscription form builder

Go to “Subscription forms” in your account. If you still don’t have it, register. You can build a subscription form to fit your website with the help of a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor or choose one from the list of predesigned subscription form templates. Decide upon the style of your form. It can be embedded, popup, floating, or fixed. Choose the mailing list to add contacts to. Here’s more detailed instruction on how to create a subscription form.

Go to subscription form builder

Step 2: Fill in Data and type of the form category

Click on “Form option” at the right upper corner in the drag-and-drop editor. Edit the form name and a mailing list if necessary. Add one or more websites where you want the subscription form to locate. Set up the specific circumstances under which the subscription form should appear on the site.

Fill in all the fields

Step 3: Edit the confirmation email

Choose the “Text of the confirmation email” category. Select the “From address.” Create a subject line. Change the text, fonts, and sizes to your liking. If you change the template, our team will moderate it first.

Edit the confirmation email

Step 4: Preview the confirmation email as a user

Click “Preview.” Fill in the subscription form which you’ve just created as if you were a user. Click the button, and the confirmation email will appear in the inbox you’ve typed in. Move to your inbox and check if everything is alright.


Step 5: Add the form to a website

Click on “Save and get code” in the right upper corner. Copy the code snippet and paste in your website’s HTML template. You will be able to change subscription form and a confirmation email it has any time you need.

Add the form to your website

 Send confirmation email

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