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There are a large number of mailing services, and sometimes it can be rather difficult to decide which one to choose.

What’s important in choosing a service

In our opinion, the most important things are the following:

  • English-language support;
  • Reliability, functionality, security, and e-mail deliverability;
  • Customer support;
  • Billing plans;
  • Ease of use, an intuitive interface;
  • Must-have features for any service;
  • Analytics and statistics;
  • E-mail templates;
  • Dedicated IP address.

This is far from a complete list, but it includes what are perhaps the basic things to look for.


SendPulse or UniSender?

SendPulse is a platform offering comprehensive ways of communicating with your customers. It includes e-mail, SMS, and webpush notifications. Each of these services has options for monitoring and detailed statistics, as well as personalization and segmentation.

UniSender is a platform for sending out e-mails and SMS, allowing you to set up a complete system for marketing through mailings.

For easy comparison, we have created a table of features and whether the given service supports them.

  UniSender SendPulse

Free plan and its limitations

100 subscribers and 1500 emails per month

500 subscribers and up to 15,000 emails per month

English-language tech support/Support 24/7



Block editor






Series of e-mails


+ (as well as SMS and webpush series)




Mobile app


Access over HTTPS protocol



Webpush notifications






We have only listed the advantages and disadvantages of SendPulse and UniSender. The choice is yours.

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