How to send personalized mass emails?

Personalization is a widely used method to increase email open rates in marketing. It implies using personal information about a client, such as a name, place of work or residence, gender, etc.

With the help of SendPulse, you can easily send personalized email campaigns to your subscribers.

To personalize emails in SendPulse, follow 5 steps:

Step 1. Choose Mailing List

Before creating a campaign, choose the mailing list for it and create a variable for personalization. To do this, go to “Mailing lists,” choose the necessary mailing list for your campaign and choose “create variable” on the right, and enter its name, i.e., the criteria according to which your email will be personalized, for example, name.

 Create variable

Step 2. Put down subscribers' names

After you have chosen a variable, a column with the corresponding name will occur, in our case, it is “Name.” Opposite to the email addresses put down subscribers’ names.

 Fill the mailing list with subscribers' names

Step 3. Create a subject line

You start creating a campaign. To the right of the field “Subject line,” choose a variable “Name” that we have previously created, and put down the subject line.

Variable selection

Step 4. Personalize the email template

Besides, you can personalize email template as well. To do this, create your own one, import or choose among existing design templates in SendPulse, and create a variable for personalization as in the subject line.

Personalize the email template with variables

Step 5. Create the email text

Write the text of an email and continue creating an email campaign.

 Create the email text

Moreover, you can substitute personal information into the email according to the set criteria. This is a smart personalization. Depending on which data of the client you have, he will receive his own and personal information.

There are several values of the variable for smart personalization:

  • empty
  • equals
  • doesn't equal
  • contains
  • doesn’t contain
  • starts with
  • ends with
  • more than
  • equals or more than
  • less than
  • equals or less than

With the help of variables, the actual data for a particular user is specified.

For example, you want to send a personalized email campaign with the subscribers’ names, but you don’t have all their names. Use smart personalization in this case.

Step 1. Select variable

While creating an email campaign, to the rights of the “Subject line” select variable “Name.”

Adding variable to subject line

Step 2. Choose variable value

Then click on “Add criteria.” If you don’t have all the names of your subscribers, but you want to send personalized emails, choose variable value “is empty.” If the variable value is empty, then use this text “Friends, we have a special offer for you!” Else use this text “{{Name}}, we have a special offer for you!” and select a variable “Name.” When the variable values are filled in, click “Insert.” Mind that you don’t have to put down anything in the field “Subject line.”

Smart peronalization criteria

Step 3. Personalize email template

You can apply smart personalization to the email template as well. For this purpose, create, import it or select from the existing email design templates in SendPulse. Choose the appropriate place for the text. There is an up arrow near “Variables” – “Add criteria.” Then act the same way as with the subject line.

 Personalize the email template

You see now that it’s pretty easy to use smart personalization in SendPulse. Subject line of the emails sent to the subscribers with no names in your mailing list will look like this:

 Smart personalization in the subject line

And the email body will look like this:

 Smart personalization in the email body

Be creative in personalization and enjoy high performance of your email campaigns!

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