Sending an Email Campaign to Multiple Mailing Lists

A new function is available with SendPulse. Now you can launch an email campaign to multiple mailing lists at once.

For example, you can select mailing lists that contain users' emails of different locations (California, Georgia, Nevada, and others) and send one email to all these lists. Then you can track and compare open rate, click-through rate and transactions that will show you in what region users are more loyal and engaged.

How to send an email campaign to multiple mailing lists?

Log in to your SendPulse account and click the button "Create a campaign."

In the window that appears, you should enter all the information about the email campaign. To select several email lists, you need to tick them in the "Mailing list" drop-down list. If you choose the wrong email list, click it again to remove a tick.

Mailing list selection

Click "Ok" to confirm the selection or "Clear all" to uncheck all the lists at once.

Then fill in all the fields: "Sender email address", "Sender name," and "Subject line". Select the email template and type the text of a message. Configure additional campaign parameters in the third stage. Verify all the information about your email and set up the sending time at the "Review and sending" step.

Once the email is ready, click "Start" to send the campaign.

Sending email campaign

What if there is the same email address in two email lists?

One email can be present in several email lists. In this case, the recipient will not receive two identical emails because the service deletes the duplicates in email lists.  

What functions are not available when sending an email to multiple email lists at once?

The two functions are not available: the segmentation and the follow up to unopened messages.

Try sending email to multiple email lists

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