How to send bulk emails free?

It’s very easy to send bulk emails in SendPulse. After the registration, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of free pricing plan, such as sending 15,000 emails to 2500 subscribers using professional instruments. Follow 3 automatized steps to create and send an email campaign.

Choose a pricing plan

Choose a free pricing plan in this page.

SendPulse Email Service Prices
Pricing page

Register in SendPulse email service

Click "Sign up" below the free pricing plan.

Register at SendPulse
Registration form

Create a campaign

Click “Create a campaign” on your dashboard.

Create an email campaignInformation about campaign

  1. Mailing list. Select the necessary mailing list for your campaign. If you still don’t have it, go to “Mailing lists” and create a new mailing list. Use segmentation if needed.
  2. “From:” email address. Specify your address, or select from the list in case you have several ones.
  3. Sender’s name. You used this name while registering the sender’s address but you can change it.
  4. Subject line. An interesting subject line calls your subscribers to action and makes them open the email. Personalization is available, read more here.

Choose an email template

Import your email template, select from the existing email design templates or create one with HTML editor. You can personalize both the text of an email and the subject line.

Select an email template

Email template editor

Check and send the campaign

Check all the data: mailing list, “from:” email address, subject line. With the help of “Message body,” you can preview your email to find out how your subscribers will see it.

Check and send an email campaign

Message body

You can send the email now or set the sending time.

Choose the sending time
Setting the sending time

Statistics of an email campaign is an important component of your interplay with the subscribers. It will let you know such metrics as email open rates and click-throughs which will be available immediately after the sending.

In “Reports” you can track more detailed stats, such as errors, opens by location – subscribers’ activity according to the geographical aspect, devices on which subscribers read your emails. All that is needed is to enable the indicators to retrieve statistics. Besides, you can attach files to the campaign.

Retrieve email campaign statistics
Getting detailed statistics

SendPulse offers a new feature – resend to unreads. Within the free pricing plan, it is possible to resend message by email only, all you need is to create a new subject line – more interesting, intrigueing and eye-catching, set the sending date and time, and the service will do the rest for you.

Resend email to unreads
New feature

The email campaign is sent!

You can choose to test email sending to make sure that your subscribers will receive exactly what you want. The email will be in the sender’s inbox.

Benefits of a paid plan

At any moment, you can upgrade your pricing plan to a paid one that has a lot of advantages:

  • icon

    Unlimited emails;

  • icon

    Export mailing lists in Excel;

  • icon

    The absence of SendPulse logo in the campaigns and subscription forms;

  • icon

    More space for images as the free pricing plan has 5 Mb, while the paid one – 200 Mb;

  • icon

    Custom SPF and DKIM – linking up your domain for sending and tracking email campaigns;

  • icon

    More From emails. The free pricing plan has 3 addresses only;

  • icon

    Ability to invite users into your account.

  • icon

    Google Analytics integration;

  • icon

    More reports

Send bulk emails for free

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