Customized Unsubscribe Links

Every email sent via SendPulse's email service must contain an unsubscribe link. If a SendPulse user doesn't provide a link, the service will insert one automatically.

Unsubscribe links can be customized by editing the HTML code of the email template using inline styles.

SendPulse users can edit email template HTML code either in the Layout Template Editor or in the HTML Editor.

If you use the Layout Template Editor, the unsubscribe link will be inserted automatically.

Template Editor

Click on the block containing the unsubscribe link, open the toolset using the triangular arrow and then click on the source code icon:

source code icon

This action will open the source code box:

source code box

Below is an example showing how we changed the unsubscribe link color:

change unsubscribe link color

As you can see below, the link color has changed:

link color has changed

If you use the HTML Editor, first you will need to insert the unsubscribe link using the variables menu:

variables menu

The link has been inserted, so now open the source code of this template:

template source code

Let's change the link color the same way we did that in the Layout Editor:

change the link color

As you can see, the link color has changed:

link color has changed

*Remember that the Text Color option can be applied only to the contents of the template, not to the unsubscribe link. 

Text Color option

This way, a person with HTML coding skills can customize unsubscribe links and change its style, color, or size.

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