How to Add Web Push Notifications to Autoresponders

If you want to add push notifications to an automated series, first you have to add your website in the Member Area(read here how to do it). You must also add integration code to your site.

In addition, for automated series of emails and push notifications to work correctly, you need to transfer the recipient's email address when they sign up on your website (click here to read more).

Let's show you exactly how to add push notifications to autoresponders:

When you create autoresponders, tick "Activate PUSH".

After you have checked this item, you are able to select the message type: "email" or "push." Select "push." (Note that the first message in the chain cannot be a push notification. Therefore, the ability to choose the push notification is activated from the second message.)


  • Title
  • Web push text
  • Web push link

After filling in all the fields, your autoresponder is ready. Click "Save and launch".

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