How to Add Unsubscribe Reasons to an Unsubscribe Page

When you create an unsubscribe page you have the opportunity to specify a list of reasons for unsubscribing. So, if your recipient unsubscribes from your mailings, he or she will be able to specify the reason that they want to stop hearing from you.

After analyzing the reasons for unsubscribing, you will be able to improve your future email campaigns. For example, if recipients unsubscribe from your emails because they think that you send them too much mail, you can reduce the number of outgoing messages. 

To specify the reasons for unsubscribing, check "Add an unsubscribe reason survey" when creating the unsubscribe page. 

You can choose from the suggested reasons, or create your own. 

Here is an example of the unsubscribe page with reasons for unsubscribing:

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