How to Transfer UTM Tags from Website Subscription and Payment Forms to CRM

If a customer has filled out a subscription form, made a payment on your SendPulse-based website, or signed up for your course, you can set up UTM tags to be stored in CRM contact fields. This will help you get additional information about customers and create individual contact segments for further interaction with them.

How to Collect UTM Tags

You can collect UTM tags in the “Websites” and “EDU” services and save them to individual contact fields in the “CRM” service.

You can automatically collect UTM tags on websites when users make payments on your site or sign up via a form.

Online course UTM tags will be collected when students sign up for your course.

UTM tags can be collected if users go to your website or course page using a UTM tracking link.

How to Configure UTM Tags in Contact Fields

To allow the system to recognize tags and save them to CRM, create contact fields in the “CRM” section. Go to “CRM” > “Contacts” > “Settings” > “Fields.” Click Add Field, and enter your labels. You will see the added fields in all contact cards.

Read more: How to Add Fields.

You can pass any labels you have provided in contact fields. Below are the most common labels.

utm_source Identifies the traffic source from which users come to your subscription form, for example, (any website), google, (and other social media), direct (the user entered your URL in the address bar or bookmarked your website and then visited it).
utm_medium Transmits the type of traffic and can transmit the following values: CPC (pay-per-click advertising), CPM (pay-per-impression advertising), referral, organic (a user that came to your website from search engines), or social (a social media post click, setting up social media ads, etc.).
utm_campaign The advertising campaign name. It is transmitted if users come to your website from an ad via a UTM link.
utm_content Determines the content part that was clicked, redirecting users to your website. You can set different values within the same campaign, for example, separate values for your button, banner, and text.
utm_term The query keyword or phrase using which users came to your website from a search engine. This parameter is not set automatically when a website visitor is acquired using organic search. You need to set it manually in your ad tool settings, for example, Google Ads. This label is relevant for paid traffic from search engines.

How to View the Results

UTM tags are collected when a visitor comes to your website using a UTM link and then fills out a form or makes a payment. To view your label values, go to the “CRM” section and then to the “Contacts” tab, and open the required contact card.

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