Examples of easy integration

The SendPulse SMTP server supports integration with any program for sending e-mails, such as MS Outlook and The Bat!

The SendPulse SMTP server offers you an SMTP server that can be easily integrated into any program for sending e-mails.

How do I set it up?

Start by going to your account on the SendPulse SMTP service. Open the settings for the SMTP server. You will need these for SMTP integration.

Integration with MS Outlook

You must manually configure the SendPulse SMTP server for MS Outlook. To do this, you must create a new account, enter all information for the user and server, and also verify the authenticity of the specified server.

Integration with The Bat!

For integration with The Bat!, you must create a new mailbox, enter the sender details and mail server addresses, configure authentication, and then you’re done!

Check to ensure that the new mailbox of your account is working, and then you can begin with your mailings.

API and third-party services

When it comes to integration with a CMS, CRM or other system for sending messages from personal online projects, SendPulse offers full API documentation. All necessary settings for the SMTP server can be found at your dashboard. 


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