Email Promo is a solution for everyone who has already gathered a list of email addresses and is ready to send campaigns. SendPulse experts will help you to elaborate a promo deal and intensify it with an email campaign.

What Email Promo includes

Here is what our professionals will do for you:

  • develop email campaign ideas and approve them with you,
  • create the text which would call to the desired action,
  • come up with email template design and layout based on your website style,
  • revise an email template according to your edits for free (up to three edits are allowed),
  • test the email template and upload it to your account,
  • select the preferable timing to send the campaign,
  • send email campaigns according to all the rules of email marketing,
  • prepare a report on the accomplished work.

Information on Email Promo cost is available at the pricing page.



You get a ready-to-send email which will most effectively present your offer or promo. The campaign will be delivered to the subscribers on the most convenient day at the most suitable time so that they will check it out right away.

It is with the Email Promo solution that the collaboration with our loyal customers usually started.

Having estimated the effectiveness of such email campaigns, companies usually switch to creating and sending email series with the use of  Email Strategy, Email Digest.

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