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What Is a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider, and How to Choose the Right One

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What Is a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider, and How to Choose the Right One

Launched at the very beginning of social media networks, WhatsApp has rapidly transformed into a popular instant messaging platform. So far, it is owned by Meta, which operates the platform as part of its Family of Apps, including Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger.

As you know, WhatsApp enables users to send and receive various messages, including text, images, videos, documents, locations, and other content, for example, links. However, it can also become a helpful tool that enables different companies to easily communicate and connect with their customers to sell products and services.

In this post, we’ll talk about WhatsApp Business Solution Providers — an ultimate tool that can enlarge the potential of any business in multiple aspects, like creating a personalized experience, optimizing key business processes, and enhancing their marketing strategy.

What is a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider, and how does it work?

According to WhatsApp’s Help Center, a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (BSP), also known as WhatsApp Partner, refers to a specific category of platforms that enable users to integrate essential tech stack directly into the social network by managing communications to and from customers.

Basically, WhatsApp BSPs are a global community of third-party solution providers with expertise on the WhatsApp Business Platform. These BSPs can help you communicate with your customers on the WhatsApp Business Platform for approved use cases of customer support and time-sensitive, personalized notifications.

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Applying a WhatsApp Business Solutions Provider is more resource-efficient and requires less cost than an in-house management model. Basically, the company no longer needs to hire an additional workforce to interact with many small enterprises individually. Instead, it is mainly focused on high-volume companies that work with smaller businesses and entities.

Therefore, WhatsApp Partners perform as a so-called mediator between the WhatsApp API and various enterprises, which benefits both parties. While WhatsApp gets enhanced client management, businesses can choose between multiple partnership options that better correspond to their requirements and goals.

Here’s how this model works: a business connects to the WhatsApp API through any official WhatsApp Partner, which collaborates with WhatsApp directly. Keep reading to discover why companies work with partners, what benefits you can get, and how to choose your ideal WhatsApp BSP.

Why does WhatsApp collaborate with third-party partners?

Once you’ve discovered the primary purposes of WhatsApp BSPs, you’ll probably wonder why the platform doesn’t offer its API to most companies. In fact, there are multiple reasons for that.

Fewer employees in-house

Though most corporations tend to scale with time and enlarge their workforces, Meta (ex. Facebook) decided to keep the headcounts low while engaging the top-rated, perfectly expert workers instead. WhatsApp has been known for being managed by a team of under 100 people only, and this policy is still relevant for the near future.

Improved income

Since Meta acquired it in 2014, WhatsApp has become a platform that is entirely free of charge. To monetize the project efficiently, Meta decided to implement the WhatsApp Business API. This lucrative solution targeted fewer prominent players and generated stable income for the project and its owner.

Advanced spam management

WhatsApp is the world’s most famous mobile messenger, with over two billion monthly active users. And similarly to its competitors, Facebook and WeChat, it has also faced the spamming problem, where bots and unscrupulous marketers continually target a large pool of users. Setting up the WhatsApp Business API helped companies gain better control of their API access through the Partner program, which turned out to be way more efficient than individual control of different entities.

As you can see, WhatsApp Business Solution Providers have become the ultimate solution for connecting the WhatsApp API and optimizing the collaboration process between the network and its partners.

Benefits of using an official WhatsApp service provider

There are plenty of benefits of using WhatsApp service providers that businesses can leverage. The top benefits of WhatsApp BSPs that are highly appreciated by companies today include:

  • Convenient two-way communications. The solution enables businesses to reach out to their clients in-app, which adds to the convenience of chatting. Additionally, companies no longer need to create and maintain their own app and convince clients to download it.
  • Improved customer care. Instead of annoying calls and email notifications, businesses can interact with their customers in real-time through a convenient personal environment. From the customer’s perspective, this dramatically fosters trust and loyalty.
  • Brand-verified interactions. Having verified their account, a company can prove their brand’s authenticity and integrate the key branding elements into their WhatsApp conversations.
  • Enlarged audience pool. With the customer base reaching over two billion, WhatsApp has already become a perfect channel for businesses to reach captive audiences.
  • Enhanced communication with the audience. Once users have started interacting with your business through WhatsApp, you can create template messages, and integrate chatbots and other helpful tech solutions to improve your conversation quality. Additionally, WhatsApp requires business owners to respond to incoming customer messages within 24 hours using a non-template message, which adds to the overall customer experience.
  • Advanced security. Another important WhatsApp benefit for both businesses and consumers is compliance with all security regulations. The platform features end-to-end encryption and two-factor authentication to keep both parties safe and enables verifying business accounts, which also adds trust to your communications.

These are only a few major benefits of employing a WhatsApp BSP. Now, let’s go deeper into how you can find the ideal WhatsApp Business Solution Provider for your brand.

What makes the best Whatsapp service provider for a business?

Finally, it’s time to learn how to choose the best WhatsApp Business Solution Provider that ideally meets your goals and requirements. For this purpose, we’ve covered some essential features a perfect BSP should have.

Chatbots and quick replies

Chatbot tools can significantly improve the development of customer relationships. Basically, it can partially replace communication with a real support representative, tackling some common questions and issues clients face while interacting with a business.

Find out how to create a WhatsApp chatbot for your business!

While businesses cannot use chatbots for marketing and promotional notifications, these can become an excellent tool for various customer service and non-promotional notifications. Apart from that, chatbots can provide instant answers regardless of the request time and effectively and conveniently resolve complaints of different kinds. If a client needs a customer representative’s assistance, the chatbot automatically transfers the key information about the request for real-time interaction.

Template messages

Template messages are message formats pre-approved by WhatsApp. Typically, they’re used to reach customers who haven’t interacted with your WhatsApp Business number within the last 24 hours. With template messages, you can empower notifications, shipping information, payment updates, appointment reminders, customer care messages, etc.

Check out a few tips on making a WhatsApp message template that will get approved.

Basic advantages of integrating template messages include the ability to reach out to customers who have crossed the time window of 24 hours since the last interaction or haven’t interacted with your business yet. Also, these can be used to display interactive buttons on WhatsApp, allowing customers to initiate conversations themselves.


Traditionally, auto-replies are used when support representatives are unavailable. Nevertheless, instead of keeping resilient, which leads to a significant loss of loyalty and trust, it’s surely better to keep your customers informed about the availability. However, that’s not the only way a company can utilize this feature. According to numerous customer behavior types of research, customers prefer to interact with automated solutions like chatbots or other AI-powered messaging options instead of contacting an actual customer support representative online.

While customers can gain a more convenient interaction and better awareness of standard questions, businesses can become one step closer to building a personalized, customer-centric experience.

Data and performance analytics

Understanding the performance of your business on WhatsApp is one of the core aspects that should never be omitted. For sure, being able to analyze and measure the impact of specific marketing and sales actions and other business sectors is fundamental.

It allows you to check the efficiency of your content strategy and gain more insights into how users interact with different types of it. At the same time, it adds more insights on how to build the interaction with your customers further.

Top WhatsApp BSPs to try in 2024

Now it’s time to check out some top-rated BSP options that can help you empower your business performance and put customer service onto a completely new level.

WhatsApp API by SendPulse

With years of experience in digital business solutions, the WhatsApp API by SendPulse has empowered enterprises of different ranges to improve their customer experience and increase audience engagement. The WhatsApp API by SendPulse can help you set up and send high-quality WhatsApp campaigns, covering nearly every aspect of the interaction between clients and businesses.

WhatsApp Business Solution Provider
SendPulse WhatsApp Business Solution Provider

Some of the best features of the SendPulse BSP for WhatsApp include:

  • multiple device support;
  • various integrations with company tools like CRM, chatbot services, and other software;
  • professional onboarding support;
  • no setup fees;
  • bulk and triggered messages to initiate a chat with multiple users;
  • template messages;
  • drag and drop chatbot builder;
  • widgets for data collection;
  • group chat support.

SendPulse is an official WhatsApp Business Solution Provider used by different companies to set up professional communication between a customer and a business through different channels.


Engati is an affordable and straightforward WhatsApp Business Solution Provider that allows delivering a decent customer experience by generating, qualifying, and nurturing leads of different ranges. At the same time, this tool helps you effectively manage your WhatsApp business account through rich analytics, which can be really helpful for improving your customer experience, loyalty, and trust.

Engati WhatsApp Business Solution Provider
Analyzing bot engagement with the Engati WhatsApp Business Solution Provider; source: Engati

Some of the best features of the Engati BSP for WhatsApp include:

  • session and template messages;
  • the ability to create an automated FAQ response system;
  • date- and location-specific intents;
  • drag and drop UI;
  • the ability to configure and manage stopwords.

Overall, this tool is widely known because of its ability to work across different platforms.

So far, has been trusted by over 3500+ businesses worldwide, being one of the most developer-friendly WhatsApp solutions in the target market. Overall, it’s powered by the WhatsApp Business API and comes loaded with features like broadcast, multi-login, and chat automation which is essential in business communication.

Another outstanding characteristic of is individual CRM designed exclusively for WhatsApp. At the same time, it allows for effortlessly integrating external CRMs like Shopify and other options, which makes it a competitive option in the current WhatsApp BSP market. WhatsApp Business Solution Provider
Setting bot auto-replies with the WhatsApp Business Solution Provider; source:

Some of the best features of the Wati BSP for WhatsApp include:

  • assigning conversations to agents;
  • quick responses with custom parameters and immediate replies;
  • pre-canned answers for a consistent response;
  • contact management system;
  • a free trial and a variety of deployment options. is a functional business solution for the WhatsApp network that can surely come in handy for various departments, such as sales, support, and marketing.


Woztell is another great tool rapidly gaining popularity due to its extensive functionality. Their analytics allows many owners to improve their strategies to sell more, grow and improve customer retention.

Woztell WhatsApp Business Solution Provider
Building a bot using the Woztell WhatsApp Business Solution Provider; source: Woztell

Some of the best features of the Woztell BSP for WhatsApp include:

  • workflows based on incoming messages;
  • audience segmentation and bulk sending;
  • external URL to shared files;
  • automated conversation alerts;
  • a security protocol for unknown contacts.

Woztell is an excellent tool for companies that need to manage WhatsApp communication through detailed analytics and advanced data-driven solutions.

Wrapping up

Getting WhatsApp as a communication channel isn’t a choice anymore; it is now a powerful channel that can give a competitive advantage to your business.

However, choosing the right WhatsApp BSP doesn’t solely imply selecting the platform with the most exhaustive features. It’s much more valuable to get the one that ideally targets your business needs instead.

With over 100 WhatsApp Business API Partners currently present on the market, this guide has covered some options that can help you improve your interaction with customers, increasing their trust and loyalty.

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