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What to write in the preheader?

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Sometimes while writing an email users forget about such an important part of an email letter as the preheader. Leaving preheader blank is not a way out. Preheader is the part of the text showed after the subject line.

Preheader also should be short and understandable. It really can attract a reader to open your email message or delete it without opening. Everything depends on the text. Still, there are some effective variants what to write in the preheader.

Finishing the subject line thought.

You may continue the main involving massage. It will help a reader to understand what is written in your email and decide whether it is interesting for him.

For instance:

{{name}}, you need this piece of furniture. Proper for saving all kinds of things at the kitchen.

Getting to the main point.

You may involve more readers if you’ll add a proper call-to-action in your preheader. That will show the reader what do you exactly want him to do.

Enjoy your summer with new dresses from XXXXX. Shop dresses- shop dresses.

Providing the reader with more details.

This variant will be good in case when you offer bonuses, codes or sales to your clients. In this case you may write something like that:

{{name}}, an excellent surprise for you! Use code xxxxxxxxx to receive free shipping of the next order in our shop.

Write a teaser for the letter.

You may hint the reader at the topic in the message.

See them. Love them. Wear them. Introducing the new fall-winter jeans collection.

Write your own statement about the point.

All in all you always can collect all your knowledge and creativity to write something like that:

New everyday recipes from You won’t know the pleasure until you try.

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