People, who use email marketing for their promotion, understand that it is necessary to use different methods to get the subscribers interested in your emails. In most cases, a catchy subject line is the best way to attract attention. The subject line should include keywords and phrases that are interesting for subscribers. These words motivate subscribers to open the message and click the link. Another way to make subscribers open your email is by adding a video.

The real internet hype period for video content, to some degree, has come and gone. But now we can see that it has received a second wind with the help of email marketing. Inserting a video in emails is becoming a trend and an excellent opportunity to increase your open rate. Seeing is believing, you know? All of us respond to information in different ways. Some of us are audio learners (understand audio information better), and some are visual learners (prefer video information). Video content is an ideal medium because it caters to people who prefer audio and people who prefer visuals.

Research says that emails with video content have a 40% higher open rate. The click rate also rises. Maybe it is time to consider adding videos to your future email campaigns.

Online videos are gaining popularity with the growing use of smartphones and other mobile devices. When a user receives a link to video content, they are more likely to open it and watch the whole video. Moreover, video is more easily grasped than simple text. Emails with video content are more likely to be shared with friends than ordinary email messages. But adding an inserting video in your email message is not as easy as it seems. Not all mail services can display the full video. Though placing a link to the page with video content is easy enough and the effect will be the same as with the full video – the subscriber will be less interested.

So, how can you insert a video in an email message? There are several ways.



The easiest way to insert a video is to place a link to it in your email message. But, you should explain what the subscriber is going to see in this video. You may use italics or bold text to attract attention to the description. And the link itself should be represented in a call-to-action headline.

How to insert video as a link into the email with the SendPulse editor

Step 1: Write the text of the link in the template.


Step 2: Click at the text with the write right mouse button. Choose the “insert a link” option in the menu.


Step 3: Fill in the necessary information and the link in the opened form.




A thumbnail can also be placed in the email message. But remember that the thumbnail must be of high quality (400 x 300 px), and it should be attractive to make the subscriber click the link on this the picture. You may also put a bright play button in the middle of the image. This is another way to attract a reader’s attention.

You might also use a thumbnail with a scroll line, showing that the video is playing. The image should also be interesting.


Before the thumbnail, you should place include a short review of the video and put the link after the thumbnail.
In any case, the thumbnail is an image. As some email services do not display images, you should write alt text so that the reader will understand what is at the picture is even without seeing it. You might also color the alt image space to attract attention further.

How to insert a video link to the image with the SendPulse editor

Step 1: Insert the thumbnail into the email template. Сlick on it with the right mouse button.


Step 2: Fill in the link in the opened window.


Image and the link


Placing the thumbnail and the link together is supposed to be the most appropriate way to attract the necessary attention way out. Because sometimes images are not displayed and the link itself won’t stand out. So, it is better to place the thumbnail and a link together.



Inserting gif images are also an excellent way to attract a reader’s attention. A dynamic model can be readily displayed in the email message itself (but only for the Outlook mail service). Although it is not a real video, so you won’t be able to provide the subscriber with both audio and video with the help of gif images, it is still it is the right way out for a banner advertisement.


How do you create a gif image?

In order to create a gif image, first you should choose the video. Then download this video with the necessary add-in (MP4, 360p) using special services. For example,
Download your video into the gif-making service and create the necessary gif image.

You can insert the gif image in the email template the same way you add any image.

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