Best Telegram Bot Examples to Get Inspired by in 2023

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Best Telegram Bot Examples to Get Inspired by in 2023

Telegram is an evolving platform that is famous for its security, message delivery speed, and lots of development perks that make communication enjoyable. One such perk is chatbots that are available 24/7 and can deliver lots of helpful information in a blink of an eye.

There is already a good number of bots helping people get information on a variety of topics. In this post, we’ll look at the best chatbots Telegram can offer in 2023. Get ready for some inspiration!

Before you start: Make sure to check out our video about building and deploying a chatbot.

Telegram bot example #1: Eddy Travels

Industry: travel
Purpose: searches for flights, hotels, and restaurants
Name: @EddyTravels_bot

This is one of the best Telegram bots for travelers. Powered by Skyscanner, it helps users discover the best deals for flights, accommodations, and places to visit. Just pick a destination or choose the “take me anywhere” option to get inspired.

If you search for flights or hotels, it will bring you the top three results or offer a link to Skyscanner for more options. For places to visit, it will open the place on Google maps.

Eddy Travels bot searching for coffee shops

The bot saves your location so that you don’t have to go through the same scenario again and again. It also has inline commands: to use them, type /flights, /hotels, or /places to get the category you need.

Perks for users: everything you want to know about a specific destination in your messenger. The bot’s developers claim to use machine learning and “other software magic” to bring the most relevant search results.

Perks for business: apart from bringing value to customers, this Telegram chatbot attracts free referral traffic to Skyscanner and other partner websites.

Telegram bot example #2: Jobs Bot

Industry: HR, career
Purpose: conducts a first-round interview to collect basic information about applicants
Name: @jobs_bot

This bot lists job opportunities at Telegram helping its team discover new talents. The bot also asks various questions, depending on the exact position the user is interested in.

Users can learn about new job openings at Telegram and apply using this bot

Perks for users: instead of writing a typical job application email, applicants can use this bot to quickly submit necessary information and know for sure that their application has been delivered and will soon be processed — no guesswork required.

Perks for business: a conversational bot streamlines the whole application process and makes it less formal. The HR specialist receives all the information they need to initially vet candidates and decide whom to invite for an interview.

Discover some possible use cases for HR chatbots and get a bunch of examples and tips in our recent blog post!

Telegram bot example #3: Asos Helper bot

Industry: eCommerce
Purpose: helps users compare product prices and save money
Name: @AsosHelperbot

Asos is one of the biggest worldwide retailers. Depending on the country and currency you choose when placing an order, prices will vary. The bot helps compare prices across all of Asos’s websites and chooses the lowest price for a given product.

Price comparison from Asos Helper bot

Perks for users: allows users to save money or make a better decision.

Perks for business: such chatbot mechanics can be used by eCommerce companies to allow their consumers to compare lots of things like prices, brands, places, or ingredients. This method can facilitate purchases in the consideration stage, and help people make better-informed decisions.

Telegram bot example #4: Pomodoro Bot

Industry: time management, personal development
Purpose: helps users measure chunks of time for better productivity
Name: @pomodoro_timer_bot

This is a fully functional Pomodoro timer for working in sprints and minimizing distractions. Users can set it for 5, 15, or 25 minutes.

Pomodoro bot helps Telegram users take back control of their screen time

Perks for users: the timer works within the messenger, so, unlike a regular timer, it’s harder to miss or ignore.

Perks for business: by providing users with intuitive productivity tools like this one, businesses can win their trust and loyalty.

Check out some time-management principles, techniques, and strategies to help you regain control of your time and increase productivity.

Telegram bot example #5: Yandex.Translate bot

Industry: search
Purpose: translates messages to several languages
Name: @yandexapi_translatebot

This bot helps translate messages to any language and enables users to chat with people from all over the world. It is very friendly and smart: just set your native and target language — and tada!

Translating messages with the Yandex.Translate bot

Perks for users: easy to set up and use, no need to leave the messenger to look up the word in a dictionary.

Perks for business: this bot is made by a Russian search engine company and is a great attempt to raise brand awareness internationally.

Telegram bot example #6: Zoom

Industry: any
Purpose: creates Zoom meetings
Name: @zoombot

Here’s another Telegram bot example created by a big brand in order to facilitate their customer’s journey. Zoom is a video conferencing app. Its bot for Telegram can be added to your contact list and help you create or join a meeting on the spot.

Creating a meeting using Zoom’s Telegram bot

Perks for users: easy to create and join meetings. The bot can be also added to a group chat and deployed for every member.

Perks for business: this way Zoom enables remote teams to create video calls right in their chat groups. Other businesses can use the same mechanic to register or subscribe users.

Telegram bot example #7: Android News

Industry: IT
Purpose: provides news about Android platforms
Name: @AndroidNewsRobot

This simple Telegram chatbot delivers news about the latest Android releases and technology news. When you start the bot, you subscribe to the feed.

Android News feed in Telegram

Perks for users: easy to find and read the news on a specific topic

Perks for business: this kind of a bot can become your content distribution channel so you can get more traffic to your blog or social groups.

Telegram bot example #8: Stack Overflow Q&A Bot

Industry: IT
Purpose: provides answers about Stack Overflow, the largest community for developers
Name: @stackoverflow_telegram_bot

Here is a powerful Telegram bot example used in IT. This bot is a Wiki for all of Stack Overflow’s site: it provides rated answers to any question so that you can read the most helpful ones.

Q&A chatbot from Stack Overflow

Perks for users: no need to search through forum threads or go to the website, all the answers are in the palm of your hand.

Perks for business: Q&A part is quite important on any website, but it’s not always easy to find. This chatbot is a great alternative.

Telegram bot example #9: Smokey

Industry: environment
Purpose: provides real-time worldwide air pollution data
Name: @smokey_bot

This bot uses location to identify air pollution levels and provides guides on smog, at-risk areas, and how to survive and reduce air pollution.

Smokey bot checking the quality of air in San Francisco

Perks for users: a very useful tool for environmentally-conscious people or people with health concerns.

Perks for business: this is a great way to educate people on a specific concept and drive social initiatives.

Telegram bot example #10: Food Rescuer Bot

Industry: social
Purpose: collects information about food leftovers and shares it for those in need
Name: @foodrescuerbot

This bot combats the global food waste problem by helping to redistribute leftovers. Chat with the bot and say what you have left, and it will post this information into a special channel.

Food Rescuer Bot collecting information on leftover food

Perks for users: you can stop food waste and help people in need.

Perks for business: a location-based scenario can be used in different industries, for example, for classified boards or market places.

Telegram bot example #11: Skeddy

Industry: personal effectiveness
Purpose: reminds about their “to do” list or events
Name: @SkeddyBot

This bot is a helping hand to those who are always late or forget things in an instant. Here you can create simple reminders just by sending the bot a message like “pick up Mary at 10 pm” or even craft complex ongoing schedules like “drink a glass of water every two hours.”

A simple reminder setup with Skeddy bot

Perks for users: allows you to create reminders in a breeze and always be on time.

Perks for business: at first glance, such Telegram bots have no direct business utility, but they can work as a piece of helpful branded content. Consider creating something small and useful — and in turn, people will interact with your brand every day. This bot in particular could also share links on how to improve time management and provide traffic to a blog or website.

Telegram bot example #12: VoteBot

Industry: any
Purpose: creates polls
Name: @vote

This bot helps create polls and share them in groups or channels. You can add two or more answer options. The poll can be public or anonymous.

Creating a poll with VoteBot

Perks for users: the bot allows people to express their opinion and engage with a group even if they are not ready for chatting.

Perks for business: it allows engagement from members of your group or channel. For instance, some IT companies create polls about new product features like: What should we do next? or How do you like the release? Creating polls is a good way to show that you are client-oriented and listen to your consumers.

Telegram bot example #13: MamaBot

Industry: arenting, infotainment
Purpose: educates soon-to-be parents on their baby’s developmental stages
Name: @WaitForBabyBot

This bot provides information and a visual aid for parents wanting to know how big their baby currently is and what is happening to them at this very moment.

Future moms can learn how their pregnancy proceeds day by day

Perks for users: it’s an easy way for future parents to “observe” how their baby is growing without having to do an ultrasound.

Perks for business: medical and pharmaceutical companies can benefit from adopting similar tools for informal customer education and entertainment since they are not allowed to directly advertise medical procedures and drugs on most social media platforms.

Telegram bot example #14: Feed Reader Bot

Industry: news, entertainment
Purpose: helps users not miss a single post on the topic they’re following
Name: @TheFeedReaderBot

This bot monitors RSS feeds, blogs, and social media accounts to notify users when new posts are published. It also offers a list of news feeds to start with.

Read your RSS feed and favorite niche blogs without leaving Telegram

Perks for users: helps them receive news and expert posts without ever leaving their favorite communication channel.

Perks for business: businesses can use similar bots to stay in contact with their customers by providing them with useful industry-related information on a regular basis.

Telegram bot example #15: URL Shortener

Industry: software, tools
Purpose: shortens unruly, cluttered links
Name: @urlshorten_bot

This is a simple bot for shortening URLs with the help of Google and Bitly.

Turn long links into clean and short ones with this Telegram bot

Perks for users: it’s easier for users to converse and exchange links with each other on Telegram when they have a URL shortener at their fingertips.

Perks for business: digital companies can ignite their audience’s interest and win their trust by providing them with similar must-have tools for messengers.

Bonus! Inline Telegram bot examples

Industry: any
Purpose: provide users with content
Name: @gif, @vid, @pic, @bing, @wiki, @imdb, @music, and @stickers

These bots are omnipresent and can be used in any of your channels, chats, or groups without even adding them as members. To see them in action, you only have to type in some keywords — and the bot will offer you relevant content:

  • @gif will send you a gif from Giphy;
  • @vid will send you a video from youtube;
  • @pic and @bing will send you images;
  • @wiki will send a related article;
  • @imdb will provide you with a link to films in its catalog.

Here’s an example of how the Giphy bot for Telegram works.

Inline Telegram Giphy bot

Perks for users and businesses: these bots can be used in personal conversations, business groups, and channels, so there is no need to leave the messenger to get the content you need.

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