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How do I Protect My Google Calendar from Spam

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How do I Protect My Google Calendar from Spam

If you receive any spam in Google Calendar, we will explain how it gets there and show you how to remove it.

How the spam gets into Google Calendar

The main reason of Google Calendar’s vulnerability is the absence of spam filters. Anyone can put the appointment into your Calendar. Users receive invitations to events with the spam link which leads to malicious website.

If an email with such content lands in the spam folder automatically, though you may not even know about it, you notice the appointment in your Calendar in any case.

Example of the spam link from the source
Example of the spam link. Source: CNBC

How to remove spam from your Google Calendar

You have to delete the appointment with this link and it will clean the whole Calendar if you receive invitations with not so many spam links. If you receive many of them, it’s better to delete the whole Calendar to prevent future threads.

How to protect your Google Calendar from spam

First of all, you have to stop adding invitations automatically to your Calendar. Go to settings on the top-right of the page, select it, and find the “Event settings” option, choose “No, only display invitations to which I have replied.”

Opening the
Opening the “Event settings”

Scroll down the page after and uncheck the box “Show declined events.”

Unchecking the
Uncheking the “Show declined events” option

In the “Events of Gmail” on the left-hand menu, uncheck “Automatically add events from Gmail to my Calendar.”

Removing the
Removing the “Automatically add events from Gmail to my Calendar” option

If you followed this guide, you have removed all the spam from your Calendar and prevented future vulnerabilities.

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August 27, 2019

Lesya Nevolko

News Editor at SendPulse

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