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Social media as a way to psychologically analyze the target audience

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The global market has determined the necessity to find out new ways to influence the target audience. This is because the market proposition significantly prevails the demand and modern consumers know exactly what they need and what possibilities they have.

That is why every company needs to continuously “conquer” their customers. Furthermore, ideally, companies want promotions that won’t cost a fortune. In this economy, especially when it comes to small businesses, companies need to evolve from mass promotion to individual ways of communication. For these reasons, understanding the psychology of the target audience is necessary in any communication channel, especially when email marketing is concerned.

Email marketing is the most effective communication channel both for sales and for forming loyalty levels. The point is that an email address is considered to be personal informational. If an internet user gives you his email address, it is the same as him inviting you to his home.
But, to create an effective email campaign you should understand what is going on in your subscriber’s inbox. An Internet user usually has several subscriptions of the same topic in his inbox. For example, our user is interested in new apps and services. Here is his daily inbox:
We see two subscriptions with the same issue. So, in order to be read, your email message should attract attention from the very first minute – stand out from the other emails in the segment.

But, there are other subscriptions too! Plus, don’t forget about personal emails. As a result, every user sees a wall of emails in his inbox every day. Knowing your subscriber’s psychology will be easier to attract his attention and influence him to open your email and click the links.

There are some common tips for making an email campaign more effective:

1) What do you want to say to subscribers?
You need an evident message to your subscribers. The first step to do this is to define the marketing tasks of your communication. Look at your company/product from the point of view of a customer; reconstruct his view of a product – positive and negative features, the most common ads that associate with the product, etc. Such an analysis will help in understanding the strong and weak points of the product – the key points for further email communication.

2) What kind of people are you working with? Who is your audience?
Here starts the deep analysis of the audience, beginning with general criteria like sex, age and income and ending with psychological and behavioral peculiarities. There are well-known and widely used methods of gaining psychological knowledge of that kind – surveys, focus groups, questioning, etc. Still, there are some additional sources of information – social media, forums and blogs. This is where you can find the real opinion of consumers about products, services and their way of life in general. The point is, only in proper analysis, especially of social media profiles, will you find out who your audience really is.
social media
You should analyze all the content of the user’s account: communities of interest, publications, reposts, social circle, comments and reviews, style of communication with others, preferred audio records and video, etc. Having this information will be easier to understand the expectations, necessities and problems of people. When you analyze many profiles of your target audience, you will be able to find out some common interests and points of view. People are more alike to each other than they think. And you will have the true psychological portrait of your target audience.

3) Know your subscribers’ problems and interests.
The main points you should figure out from the psychological analysis of the audience are problems, needs and expectations of the target audience. Find out how you can optimize your product to create profit using these main points of psychological analysis. This is the only way to understand the subscribers and create more individual email offers.

And, of course, you will always be able to collect the necessary information about your subscribers in further email communication.

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